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Scott Jones, CEO of search engine ChaCha, has apparently built himself an uber-mansion in the midwest.  Why would Toolmongers give a damn?  Take a look at the big-ass mahogany slide attached to a one of the house’s staircases.  According to an interview with his local Channel 6 news, Jones says it was “built like a boat.  It took a year-and-a-half to actually build this thing…” 

That’s a lot of mahogany.  And that’s Indiana opulance for you.

Check out Channel 6’s photo set (link below) for a better look at the staircase and some of this other expensive stuff.  (The staircase starts around side #20.)  And if you’re wondering where the cash came from, check out the Valleywag link below that.

(Thanks, Patrick, for the tip.)

Scott Jones’ Mansion [TheIndyChannel.com]
A High-Tech CEO’s Midwestern Mega-Manse [Valleywag]


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