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Bacou-Dalloz-UVEX Bionic Face Shield

We we wrote about this sweet-looking Uvex shield back in October, it was $25.  But I just found it at High Performance Cleaning for nine bucks.  It offers complete face protection, fully adjustable ratcheting headgear, a soft breathable headband, andface shield you can replace in seconds.  Oh yeah, and it look cool as all hell.

Bionic Face shield [Uvex]
Uvex Bionic Face Shield [High Performance Cleaning]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


16 Responses to Dealmonger: Uvex’s Bionic Face Shield For $9

  1. Fred says:

    There’s a whole bunch of stuff on that page for UVEX. I can’t tell what is the whole assembly and what is replacement parts. They all use the same picture.

  2. Jason says:

    Okay, I give up… where’s the price? I went to the Uvex page but all I found was info on the product. No order page. Where do we go if we want to buy one?

  3. Jason says:

    Nevermind… it’s in the second url.

  4. AndrewN says:

    It’s not clear from the web site but you have the price just for the replacement ratchet suspension not the whole face protector. Nearly everything on it has replaceable and has separate pricing.

  5. Mike says:

    Nice mask, but the $8.96 item is only the ratcheting head band, not the entire unit. The website photo is very misleading.

  6. Stuey says:

    Well, that’s a bit disappointing.

    I haven’t seen these at any of the big box stores.

    Do you guys wear additional eye protection with your face shield? I bought one of the AO Safety shields at Lowes a few weeks back and just took a look at the packaging, which says to always wear glasses or goggles with it.

  7. Teacher says:

    I always wear safety glasses under my shield. About three years ago I had a compound miter saw blow apart when I was cuting some 2×4’s. After that I wanted to wear a motorcycle helmet but I settled for a shield + safety glasses.

  8. Mighel says:

    Yep It’s just the headpiece…(JUST got it)

    BUT just getting that piece is good as it’s for my wife. She’s rather small and many protection devices, headphones etc don’t fit her well. Nice to able to try it before buying addons The piece comes turned down to it’s smallest size and actually fits my 28 pound 4 year old well! It will also dialup to fit me on the opposite end of the spectrum (XXXL hat)

    Perhaps useful for that inquisitive child or grandchild wanting to watch?

  9. Al says:

    THIS IS HEADBAND ONLY!! Called High Performance Cleaner when my 2 HEADBANDS arrived. The actual face shield that goes on the head band is an additional $18.85. They were quite willing to let me return them and were very interested in making me happy since I pointed out that the photo on their web site showed the entire unit with face shield even though the part number was for head band only. DO NOT BE MISLEAD BY PHOTO. I’m satisfied that the confusion was unintentional, but Caveat Emptor!!

  10. Al says:

    follow up comment. I ordered the face shield to go with the head bands since I liked the look of the gear and the manufacturer had some good reviews. BIG MISTAKE. They sent me replacement face shields (clear plastic part only) now i have a replacement headband, a replacement clear part (lens?) and no frame to mount it in. On top of that, when they sent my confirming email for my order, THEY INCLUDED ALL OF MY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IN CLEAR TEXT. This is not only illegal since the email constitutes a reciept, it is just plain STUPID.
    I was forced to cancel the card, incurring all the associated problems, and I still don’t have anything useful. At this point I’m waiting for them to resolve this, but I cannot recommend Highperformancecleaner.com as a vendor for anything.

  11. Gordon says:

    I bought one of these faceshields way back when… I could not be happier. It is HANDS DOWN the best faceshield I ever spent money on. Just make sure you go for the good PC lens.

  12. I everybody! I bouth the protective gear for 38$ (in Québec ,Canada) complete set. The replace lens are 6.95$ and you can get and adapter for the helmet.

  13. Andrai says:

    The correct link to the product page(no prices) on the Uvex.us website is http://www.uvex.us/products.aspx#/product=742&folder=106

  14. Matt says:

    Dos it fog up?

  15. Fred says:

    Go to directsafetysupplies.com and get the whole face shield…

  16. Luis ramorez says:

    Quiero comprar una mascarilla digame presión y cuando me la podrían mandar y donde tengo q pagar

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