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Most drill chuck clutches stop when the drill applies a certain measure of torque.  If you’re using all the same fasteners and driving into exactly the same material, that translates to approximately the same drive depth.  But Festool’s new FastFix “depth-stop” chuckstops at a fixed depth every time — no more worrying about variations in wood density.

Besides the depth stop setting, this is pretty much like any other chuck for screw driving.  The bad news: it’s a member of the FastFix line, which means it only works with Festool cordless drills.  Of course, we’re wondering when other manufacturers will follow suit and offer something like this.

Street pricing starts at $88.

FastFix Depth-Stop Chuck [Festool]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


5 Responses to Set Your Drill Clutch By Depth, Not Torque

  1. Rick says:

    Is this different from the chuck on a drywall screwdriver? Something like the Hilte or a Hitachi? They seem to have this ring around the bit on the end that when the screw is sufficiently penetrated into the drywall, it hits the ring and it stops driving the screw.. This ring is adjustable as well. Seems to be to be the same as this (even looks like it on the tip) But not sure if there are any substantial differences otherwise.

    If not, then this isn’t anything new..

  2. Rob says:

    How is this different from a dimpler (http://www.gyplok.com/Dimhow.htm) ?

    Mine does pretty much the same thing, is adjustable for depth and cost way less.

  3. Rob says:

    Oh..and the dimpler has a hex shank that just goes into your regular chuck so you can use it with any drill.

  4. TL says:

    I have two “drywall drivers” (one a DeWalt and the other a Milwaukie) which do the same thing. The DeWalt goes for ~$80 at Home Depot.

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