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Let’s face facts: most tool companies simply don’t cater to women.  Sure, some manufacturers will slap a coat of pink paint on some cheap power tools and market ’em at Michaels — or even toss the fairer sex a gardening tool or two.  But it’s almost always junk.  That’s why GirlGear caught our eye.  They offer a tool belt in pink, and guess what?  It’s a real, no-kidding tool belt that just happens to be pink.  Booyah.

It’s constructed from heavy suede leather and features four main nail/tool pockets plus  six smaller pockets.  A 2″ polyweb belt fits hips from 30” to 47” and snaps together with a quick-release buckle.  That sounds pro-level to me.

And to those who’ll inevitably make pink jokes in comments, know this: anyone who does enough carpentry work to need a tool belt — guy, girl, or other — is already a step above most people in my book.  Street pricing starts at $25.

Pink Tool Belt [GirlGear]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Pink Tool Belts Aren’t For Sissies

  1. My wife recently sold hers in a garage sale because it turned her clothes pink. Maybe they’ve fixed it in recent versions, but it was an issue.

    On the other hand, the construction on it was tough as hell.

  2. Tony Clifton says:

    While I’m sure that this is a high-quality piece of equipment, and I do agree with the sentiment that anyone who can do handywork for themselves is worthy of respect…

    …switching out someone’s regular toolbelt with one of these would be a pretty funny prank. I can think of at least two friends who might get one of these if I get their name for Secret Santa this year.

  3. Mel says:

    I could actually see buying one of these, because it is MUCH less likely to get stolen on a jobsite.

  4. I love quality pink tools for us tomboys! I buy them, sell them and use them. I think it’s a riot that guys are really buying these toolbelts so no one will steal them… Pink Power lol!


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