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We’re a sucker for specialized tools here at Toolmonger, and MAC Tools sent us information on a really, really specialized tool we thought we’d share with you.  Though we’re poor and have never owned a Mercedes, we hear that adjusting their mirrors is a bitch — they’re T20 tamperproof torx for starters, and they’re the adjustment is buried in a hard-to-reach place. 

Enter MAC’s new “5 Star Mercedes Mirror Tool.”  It’s designed specifically to fit in the cavity in which the German engineers buried the adjuster.

As always, you’ll need to contact your friendly local MAC truck guy for pricing, but if you do a lot of Mercedes work, this might be worth whatever they’re asking for it.


5 Responses to MAC’s New Mercedes Mirror Tool

  1. Fred says:

    German engineers. I hate those guys.

  2. kid_entropy says:

    i work for a Mercedes dealer’s wholesale dept. and have delivered my fair share of these damned things torx bit. One shop improvised by drilling out the center of a junky bit he had on hand.

  3. JamesBrauer66 says:

    That looks quite similar to the old Mac tool, as in original Macintosh computer. To get into the case for service required something like an 18″ hex bit, then a case cracking tool that looks like binder clips with lips, to prise it apart.

  4. JamesBrauer66 says:

    Hey, my ancestors came from Germany, and I’m an engineer.

  5. Randy says:

    Our Matco truck also has this and at half the price of what Mac charges.

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