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Long time TM reader and Flickr pool member nrchris posted a series of great pics of his shop. Chris writes: “Here’s a long view of my tiny shop — the portion beyond the column measures 12′ x 14′.  If I take up more space my wife gets mad, so most everything is on casters.”

He included images of almost everything, right down to the shop built add-ons.  If you look closely at all the images you can find a few Ridgid tools here and there from the TM Ridgid giveaway.  Nice setup, Chris!

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


6 Responses to From The Flickr Pool: Nrchris Shows Us His Shop

  1. nrChris says:

    Oh what a lovely workshop! Seriously, it is small. If I cram everything into the space beyond the pillar, it just barely fits with no room to walk. After spending the long weekend rearranging things in the basement I earned a few feet on the good side of the pillar. My wife actually is really good about the space I take up, but I try to keep it contained and roll things into the bigger area when I am working in the shop–that way the major tool or two that I am using are in the center of my space.

    The drill press is on casters but I haven’t moved it from that corner. Router cabinet is not on casters and kind of has to stay in that spot as the floor is pretty wavy and I found the perfect spot wherein it doesn’t wobble. Leveling feet should be added on that bad boy. I also just moved that HF bench to where I had my larger clamps hanging so I need to make a clamp station or find somewhere else to stow them.

    I did the favor of not posting the ongoing projects–I have a kids table seen with the King saw, but there are some chairs to be rebuilt, a bench to be finished, and–you know what I build a lot of stuff and put it into a pile because I dread finish sanding and staining. So things build up until I am forced to go through the finishing process–I guess that is why I tend to build shop furniture and jigs since I don’t feel a strong need to ever really finish those kinds of things.

    I think that’s it. The Ridgid power tools are fantastic–admittedly I haven’t used the recip saw too too much, mainly for some light demo around the house. The jigsaw has seen good use–I don’t have a working band saw at home. The drill has been it though–I can honestly say that I have used it just about every single day. I drill a lot of holes.

    Thanks for looking at my shop–I am getting 220 dropped in within the next few days and then there is a moratorium on spending until, uh, pretty much forever.

  2. Joel Wires says:

    I’m giving this one a jealousy rating of 5/5 on this one. Some of you stuff and space looks sweet. I’ve never seen a Rigid jointer before. Nice.

    I’m like you. I hate the finishing process. It seems like it takes soooooo looooonng. Plus, I’m just not that good at it yet.

    One question for you. Do you have any problems with dust from the shop in the house? I didn’t see any dust collection or air filters in there… I’m just curious because I’ve heard of other guys with basement shops constantly having a fine layer of dust all over the rest of the house. I have a horrible time with my garage shop too.

    Sweet shop.

  3. nrChris says:

    Thanks Joel. The Ridgid jointer is a new addition to my shop, nice and heavy with a 6″ cutterhead. For dust control I am currently using a shop vac through a cyclon–basically a half-assed setup involving a funky lid for a 5-gallon bucket that acts as a two-stage filter. It works pretty well, but dust is a problem. Thankfully it just stays in the basement and the other half of the area is closed off in a finished room. No dust gets in there–but moisture is a huge problem there.

    I am toying with picking up the HF or cheap Delta dust collector, but the pipes add up. Currently everything–look closely at the jointer–has an adapter for 2.5″ shop vac hose. It works really well when I use it, but I am not diligent about hooking it up. The other option that I am thinking of using is one of the hanging air scrubbers from Jet or possibly Craftsman–basically a big squirrel cage blower with three filters. Seems to get the airborne stuff.

    When I could spend money on stock or a fancy tool, it is hard to step back and be practical and hook myself up with nice dust collection. Hope that helps–if you want to see the DC setup, let me know and I’ll add some shots to the flickr pool


  4. Rick says:

    I agree with Joel.. 5/5 no doubt.

  5. Joel Wires says:

    Right now I have a similar dust collection system, 5-gallon bucket with a home-made separator lid and a shopvac. I just acquired the parts; old furnace blower and 3/4 horse motor; for making a dust collector. As far as the DC hose line cost adding up, check out this link:


    This guy used just old flexible dryer vent hose. He said he’s had great success with it. I’m super cheap, so I’ll probably give it a try.

  6. PutnamEco says:

    Check out
    for some DIY dust collector ideas.

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