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Sometimes you can get away with slicing off a thin piece of sandpaper and folding it up to fit into narrow spaces when detail sanding, but what you really need is abrasive cord.  It’s already round — which means no folding — and it’s much stronger than thin strips of sandpaper.  It’s cheap, too.

You can find abrasive cord at most any woodworking supply outlet.  Rockler, for example, carries it in .055″ and .070″ diameters as well as a 3/32″ flat version which they call “abrasive tape.”  They also offer a variety of grits.

And since a 12′ spool runs just $6 at Rocker, there’s really no excuse for not keeping some of this handy around the wood shop.  I also found a 50′ spool for $12 at Micro-Mark, which means those of you doing a lot of detail sanding can easily find for cheap purchase it in bulk.  Check the street pricing and Amazon links below for numerous other providers.

Abrasive Cords [Rockler]
Abrasive Cords [Micro-Mark]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


3 Responses to Detail Sand The Easy Way — With Abrasive Cord

  1. Tom says:

    I really need to get me some of this! It makes total sense and yet I never though to even look for it. It might also come in handy for hard to reach places.

    The model in the picture is using bare hands. I my be crazy, but I don’t think that wrapping sand paper around my finger for a while is a good idea. Gloves might be necessary, or better yet this stuff:

    High-Friction Guard Tape

  2. Waylan says:

    That pic sparked a question: How do you woman (or perhaps men) keep such nicely painted finger nails when working with abrasives? 😀 Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Actually, Tom has a point. These obviously posed promotional pics are annoying sometimes. The product, though, is useful enough we can overlook it I suppose.

  3. RobinB says:

    You can snip a piece of this off, and load it into a jeweller’s saw frame to use like a blade, but for sanding tight spots! Keeps the nails looking just fine… 😉

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