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We’ll say it again: you can’t own too many clamps.  That’s why I’m tempted to throw a twenty down just to see how many of these sub-$2 6″ bar clamps actually arrive and how long they last.  Even if you only get one use out of each clamp it’s almost worth the money.

Yeah, these F-clamps are what 50s commercials referred to as “Brand-X” (read: made in China).  But hey — even if they used lead-based paint, you know better than to suck on them, right?  It’s good to be an adult.

6″ Bar Clamp [National Wholesale Tools]


8 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: 6″ Bar Clamps For Under $2

  1. nrChris says:

    According to my calculations, You’ll get 11.36 of these clamps if you throw down a twenty. Not including shipping. Now, as for how they’ll last, I would like to hear how that works out.

    I have a clamp problem. I can’t stop buying them. It may be bordering on a clamp fetish…

  2. Joel Wires says:

    If you get $20 worth, better plunk down another $20 for shipping. 🙁 Me likes clamps… Me no like shipping costs…

  3. TL says:

    Harbor Freight has a set of two 12″ bar clamps for $6. And I can get those without paying shipping.

  4. Rick says:

    As the father of a 16 month old whose toys have been part of the recent recalls for lead paint…..

    .. That was funny 🙂 It IS good to be an adult.

  5. Mark Bickford says:

    But the black part tastes SO good…

  6. Fernando Vigil says:

    10 of these clamps = over $40 once you add in shipping and handling charges.

    I’ll hit Harbor Freight.


  7. JamesBrauer66 says:

    Harbor Freight? I’ll go to Woodcraft or Sears and get the good stuff . . . oh wait, they sell the same Chinese stuff and just charge more for it.

  8. j pender says:

    got mine in the bargain bin at the auto, parts store. even had plastic caps to prevent marring. $1.99. Yeah china.

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