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After supposedly winning a number of design awards (andreceiving some great press from gadget blog Gizmodo), Vaughan’s uber-modern S2 hammer has become an internet darling; we see the same picture of it — the one above, which we stole from Gizmodo along with everyone else — everywhere, along with a the designer’s claims that it’ll “drive a nail to the hilt with just two strokes.” 

But does this hammer actually exist?  Despite all the talk, we can’t find mention of it on either Vaughn’s pro or amateur sites.  And even though some blogs have suggested that it’s “flying off shelves,” we can’t find one for sale anywhere.

So first of all, have you seen one of these for sale, and if so, where?  Second, if you did find one, do you believe the hype?  Would you buy one?  Let us know in comments.

The S2 Hammer [Gizmodo]


23 Responses to Hot or Not? Vaughan’s (Vaporware?) S2 Hammer

  1. Stuey says:

    I’ve seen a few products appear on shelves weeks before being added to company’s website product list. Actually, it took over a year once for a B&D product that I bought to appear on their site.

    Still, you guys got me all suspicious now too. The only place I’ve seen this hammer mentioned despite my best searching, is on atomdesign’s website and a total of zero retailer sites.

  2. Blind says:

    I’m confused, back in the old days, it was a huge deal when they figured out how to mount the head on the hammer and it work really well in the long term. The solution hasn’t really changed much at all (look at a modern wooden handled hammer, metal head placed over the handle and the handle is spread to lock it in place). This seems like it would also solve the problem well, but why hasn’t this style of design been used in more places?

    It makes me fear that it’s a gimick at worst and that they want to be different just to be different at best. Is there any real advantage to this set up?

  3. l_bilyk says:

    Don’t see anything special here. I’ll stick with my trusty ‘ol estwing framing hammer

  4. nrChris says:

    Haven’t seen ’em, and I spend way too much time trolling around hardware stores and the big boxes. I am halfway in the market for a new hammer, but the one that I have had for probably fifteen years–my first real tool that was MINE–really doesn’t need to be replaced.

  5. Hank says:

    Don’t believe I have seen this one with the over the iron wood (or between it), but I have seen some with the wood protector piece.

    Like the others, it is just another twist on the same concept. If the weight is right, most framing hammers are different only in looks.

    I will probably just keep my banged up one. It still drives nails.

  6. Ivan says:

    You have to admit that it’s one nice looking piece of tool. However, I’m afraid that my kids will poke an eye out with the claw on the back.

    A hammer is a hammer and I’d rather have a heavier that lays good in the hand.

  7. eschoendorff says:

    I agree with l_bilyk. I have too many hammers that do what I want them to do well enough already. I suppose if you make a living with a hammer then it is worth a look….

  8. smoore says:

    Not all hammers are created equal. 10 years ago, the top framing hammer was that super-special one from Europe somewhere. I don’t remember the name but I do know that they are a dream to use.

    I used a California Framer for my framing hammer for years. Broke it and bought a Vaughn “Blue Max” because I wasn’t framing for hire anymore. I like the Blue Max as much, if not more as the old California. Who’da thunk a $25 hammer could compete?

    This one looks good, I’d buy a 19oz if it was less than $50.

    Oh, and tell the Vaughn designer that ANY framing hammer can flush a nail in two swings if the tradesman knows the tool well. *set* *SMACK!*

  9. chazmo says:

    I collect framing hammers, 41 and counting, I’ve need tracking the vaughan S2. Vaughan customer service responded to me with the following; special order from home depot, do-it-best or lowes. They are in the process of supplying these and other resellers with the product for regular display and sale.

  10. Stuey says:


    In your hunt for the hammer, did you happen to find out its retail price?

  11. chazmo says:


    No price yet, but I’m on the hunt!

  12. Nailbiter says:

    Found the S2 Split-head hammer after I called Vaughan as well. Its online at Ace Hotline- $49.99. Link below


    Ordered it last week and just recieved it! AWESOME… worth the weight literally and with surprising balance/feel. Nice details and really solid. It feels better that the 21OZ I have…I would say it holds up so far to the claims. Missed one time and the metal plate under the head deflected the nail hit and force without taking a chunk out of the wood…nice.

    The round head let’s you role the nail sideways using better leverage than yanking along the claw.

    The funny thing is the thing doesn’t recoil like my other hammers. Wasted half a box of 16’s trying it out…

    Let me know what you think when you pick one up…

  13. bitboy says:

    I had a Douglas and broke two handles because the wood is so thin on the side- once pulling a nail sideways and the other time straightening out a joist. The Douglas bolt goes across the grain through thin wooden sides that holds the metal head in place-bad design. Plus the metal front doesn’t come anywhere close to what the S2 protects. The Douglas wooden handle still gets banged up. I ended up getting a refund. The store said they get complaints about the Douglas handle.

  14. iand says:

    Looks like the S2 is on Vaughan’s new site. Check it out.
    Even has a video, pretty good.

  15. Ronnie says:

    I have actually held the Vaughan S2 hammer in my hands. A friend of mine had it because his neighbor and friend is the actual inventor of the hammer. After handling it, it is now on my Christmas list. It has some cool features that should make it a revolutionary change to a very old tool tradition.

  16. joseph says:

    hey, i bought this hammer for just over 70 bucks canadian at rona… and i love it. there is very little vibration and it drives great for an 18 oz.

  17. Andrew says:

    It can be had for $46 in Canada at Lee Valley tools.

  18. Ben says:

    After shopping for a long time on cost, i finally decided to buy it on Amazon.

    This was the cheapest price with shipping cost.
    I’ll post again after i receive it, I’m can’t wait.

  19. Ray says:

    I frequently use the side of my hammer for driving nails in tight spots, so I wouldn’t buy a hammer where the side where you would drive nails is wood.

  20. Sam B. says:

    Looks as if the S2 is hitting the big time! Just found it on Sears’ site and at a great price. Just ordered 2!!


  21. Paul Hargreaves says:

    I tried this hammer out. First of all, the hard plastic gasket sticks out and hurts your hand. They call it a 22oz but it is way heavier than that. Balance is hideous. It looks like Vaughan is trying too hard to look like a woody. They seem to have done a nice job copying the woody handle. I will say the cast claw on the back and the forging on the front are good quality. I can’t imagine that this will be popular with serious trades people.

  22. benny says:

    where i can buy the husky 22 oz framing hammer online , looking for schipping to belgium europe, i did buy some at home depot in florida on my vacation but i cant find them on the internet

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