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With all the talk about rechargable shoplights and LED flashlights, I almost forgot what most of us really need around the shop: a good ‘ole cheap-ass flashlight with a little shock resistance and an old-fashioned bulb.  Thanks to the people in annoying-pink-bunny-land, I didn’t have to look very far to find one.

This low-tech light source lists for a whopping $8, and Energizer claims it’ll withstand repeated drops from five feet onto concrete.  That’s good, because most of our flashlights end up seeing multiple drops from five feet onto concrete.  It’s powered by three classic “D” cells, and carries a lifetime guarantee.

Is it fance?  Hell, no.  But it’ll give you light when the other one’s still on the charger — or broken in a drawer.

Eveready Contractor Industrial Flashlight [Energizer]
Street Pricing (Various Models) [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


4 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: A Cheap, Shock-Resistant Flashlight

  1. J.E. Andreasen says:

    For maximum bang for the buck in an inexpensive flashlight, I prefer the Koehler Bright Star 2217 (2D) and 2206 (6v Lantern). Both are division one rated. Have great quality, weatherproof design, and are cheap ($8.50 & $13.95 from brightguy.com) No, I don’t work for KBS or Bright Guy. Just a very satisfied repeat commercial customer.

  2. hfaklsdg says:

    Im gay

  3. Poppyo says:

    I have & use the smaller version, which uses 2 AA batteries. I didn’t even know it was shock resistant. I bought it because it had a regular bulb AND a pixelated reflector I think–very important for a focused beam w/o that dark spot in the middle. Then I converted it to 9V.

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