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Small planes at a big price — that’s what Garrett Wade is offering in terms of their little wood trim-installation planes designed for jobsite carpentry guys.  They’re steel-bodied finger planes a little larger than 3/4 of an inch wide.  Inside their tiny leather wallet, they’ll slide right into a jeans pocket — or a toolbox.

These little suckers sit right in the palm of your hand and are great for making small,  precise cuts for shaping and fitment tasks in tight spots.  They offer a couple of different models: a flat sole plane, which comes with one flat blade, and a curved sole plane, which comes with a 3/4″ radius blade.

As we mentioned the set doesn’t come cheap: $155 scores a few blades and the two planes wrapped in the leather snap wallet.  It does look like a fine set of tools good for fine furniture work, but wow — that’s a lot of cash.

Trim Installation Plane Set [Garret Wade]


2 Responses to Mirco Planes/Macro Price

  1. I think those are mostly for luthiers.

  2. zanfona74 says:

    JamesBrauer66 is mostly on target, since these types of planes would be great for luthiers–but specifically for bowmakers or lute, bowl-back mandolin, and guitarmakers, or builders of early plucked string instruments: these builders can benefit from the curved sole (bowmakers) or the straight sole (makers of ribbed instruments who can benefit from the plane’s small-area reachability or use them to trim the ribs of these instruments to a tight fit, like coopers do with staves of a barrel. It seems to me this tool here is a modern option for a person installing trim and moulding. They don’t seem to have the ability to carry out the function of an actual moulding plane (which is to make moulding).
    I, BTW, am a builder of early instruments and am very happy you included your website–I will be ordering a couple of your rabbet planes for fitting lute and hurdy gurdy ribs–thanks! a better option than these Garrett Wade ones, which are pricey and no longer available.

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