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Still looking for a cheap-ass polisher for safe-and-easy knot-cup-brush use?  Here’s one similar to the one I have, and it’s $30 right now at Harbor Freight.  As I’ve said before, I like these for knot-cup brush use because they spin slow enough to keep the wire in the brush — and out of your belly/arms/etc. 

This one features a cheap-plastic housing, a motor of unknown manufacturing and durability — though I’ve been using mine for four or five years now — and a 300-3000 rpm variable speed setting.

It also ships with a 7″ hook-and-loop backing pad, but you can pitch that.

7″ Variable Speed Polisher/Sander [Harbor Freight]


7 Responses to Cheap-Ass Tools: A $30 Polisher That’s Perfect For A Knot-Cup Brush

  1. l_bilyk says:

    I hear people have good luck with these. But, being the tool junkie that I am, I opted for the much more expensive german made porter cable unit.

  2. Rick says:

    Haha.. Sucker..

    Oh wait.. I did too.. 😀 LOL

  3. Adam says:

    Just one question… what the heck is knot-cup brushing?

    It sounds vaguely dirty.

    Also- has anyone experimented with mounting one of these things to the edge of a workbench, to use as a flat-faced buffing wheel for buffing small parts? replace the trigger switch with some sort of foot pedal, and it seems like it’d give me better reach for doing the flat surfaces of aluminum engine covers and the like. Maybe.

  4. Chuck Cage says:

    Adam: A knot-cup brush is essentially a wire cup brush where the wires have been wound up into knots. They tend to hold the wires in a bit better.

    As much as I like the high-end ones, I totally liked the idea of getting a cheap-ass one and dedicating it to the knot-cup. I leave the brush on it and stash it in a drawer, then pull it out to use it whenever I need the brush.

  5. PutnamEco says:

    Makita fan here, I like the variable speed sander/polisher for polishing


    My pro detailing buddy is a total fanatic for the Cyclo polisher

    I use my 4 1/2″ angle grinder for most wire brushing although I do have a big set of brushes for both my 7″ and 12″. Not many times I’ve needed that kind of power though.

  6. l_bilyk says:

    Does the variable speed really help with a knot cup brush? I just mount it on a grinder

  7. Evan N. says:

    Ok I’ll bite–why is nobody talking about using this as a polisher? I’ve gotten great results with mine. My paint was oxidized so I hit it with rubbing compound, then swirl free polish and the paint was gleaming again. If you wetsand at all you need a rotary polisher too.

    I love the Freightster–it lets me have the right tools when I need them, at an affordable price. I tend to need the right tool more often than a super durable, lifetime guarantee type tool; I draw the line at punches and chisels, however, that’s an area where Chi-Wan-Dia metallurgy is not acceptable. I’ll go Craftsman or equivalent there.

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