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Sears item #00911633000 Mfr. model #11633

This Craftsman sander from the Sears site is on sale today for $10, which is down from the “never gonna touch it” price of $35. We’re guessing they just can’t stand looking at them gathering dust anymore and are shipping them out as best they can.

This triple-disc sander will do both detail and contour sanding. It has a variable speed motor that will spin the hook and loop, 1 13/20” discs at 800-2600 rpm. Though for ten bucks we must say that a sander that looks like an electric shaver might be fun to have in the shop, if for no other reason than to jack with people who think you’re trying to shave wood. You do have to act fast though. This deal expires today.

11633 Craftsman 0.5 amp 3D Sander [Sears]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Craftsman 0.5 amp 3 Disc Sander $10

  1. nrChris says:

    This deal seems to recur frequently–I bought mine for this price a couple of months ago, and my dad picked one up between then and now for the same deal. Anyway, it is worth the $10, maybe not the $35. It does not include additional sanding “donuts” which can add up in price and are only available from Sears.

    I have used this to sand large radius edges on a couple of tables that I made–not much else yet. I believe that my dad is using his to contour sand the kayak that he is strip building.

    Bottom line–recommended–but pickup the sanding wheels in bulk when they are on sale.

  2. Mike Beversluis says:

    Let me tell you, it doesn’t just “look” like an electric shaver.

  3. Chris Byrne says:

    Ok, so I went and bought it… and got sucked in by the clearances.

    Picked up a new 10″ band saw for 40% off.

  4. Emery D says:

    I was given one as a gift a few years ago – I guess my friend paid the whole $35. nrChris’ comment above about “large radius” is dead on – if you try to sand too tight a radius (i.e., a tight roundover on an edge) the little pads will pop off. I really haven’t found much use for the thing.

  5. Old Donn says:

    Saw this, went out and got one. $10? Too cheap to pass up. If I can’t find a use for it, somebody will get it in Santa’s secret gift exchange.

  6. Becky F. says:

    Grabbed it up as soon as I saw the sale…this is great for use by gourd artists.

  7. Eli says:

    You beat me to it Mike, it sure looks like a shaver. Make mine a

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