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The Pearl Abrasive vx10.2xlpro — holy crap that’s the stupidest name ever — tile cutter costs more than my first car.  It also probably dies less than that clunker of an ’83 hatchback.  This is a title cutter for pros with a deep, deep pockets.

The vx10 (for short) starts off with a 1-1/2 hp, 3450 rpm induction motor.  So not only does it have grunt, there also aren’t any motor brushes to wear out or maintain.  The housing and entire platform that hold the motor are completely constructed of metal, which means no cheapo plastic to snap at the jobsite.

In can handle an 8” to 10” blade for a 3 1/4” maximum depth cut and 24” rip or 16” angle cut.  It also features a telescoping diamond-plate aluminum table to support long cuts.

In short, it’s a $1,000 badass — not for the weekend warrior remodeling the kitchen. This is serious gear for serious pros.  But we can drool, can’t we?

VX10.2XLPRO [Pearl Abrasive]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


3 Responses to You Can’t Have One: A Tile Saw With Grunt — And Style

  1. Chad says:

    For that money, you can get a Felker or Target. At least those will get you a good resale value when your project is done.

  2. Joel says:

    if you are looking for a saw with resale value when your project is done you are not a pro installer, so why are you looking at a pearl to start with?
    go buy a Q. E. P. and throw that p. o. s. away when you get done

  3. Bob TDG says:

    That’s on the cheap side for a hardcore tile saw.. both of my tile setter friends swear by the same model they each spent about $1500 on… and have had the things for over 15 years

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