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Rivets rock — right up until you need to take them apart.  Then they suck.  Big time.  Threaded rivets combine a rivet and screw to give you the best of both worlds — a strong connection with easy removal.  And they’re really handy for connecting dissimilar materials.  Think of ’em as a nutsert from hell. 

But to use threaded rivets, you need a threaded rivet tool like this one from Marson.  It’s a full kit with everything you need to punch threaded rivets all day long.

The insert tool applies threaded inserts into thin metal, plastic or fiberglass.  It comes with four threaded mandrels and nosepieces to set thread sizes and 125 inserts in various sizes.

To rivet two pieces of material together, you start by drilling a hole in the material.  Then screw a threaded insert onto the tool.  Position it in the pre-drilled hole and squeeze the handle until the insert is set.  Turn the silver knob counterclockwise until the head is released.  Then screw in the fastener.

At $100, it’s a specialty rig for sure.  Still, having the ability to make your own screw in rivets would be uber handy when making a custom automotive dashboard or interior panel — or reassembling the standard ones when you have to drill rivets to get ’em out.

34501 Rivet Nut Kit [Marson Corp]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Marson’s Threaded Rivet Tool

  1. BJN says:

    How about a similar tool from Northern Tool for $22.99? I bought a cheap threaded insert tool from Northern Tool a couple of months ago that’s similar to the one at this link.


    My tool came with an assortment of threaded inserts. But I can’t find inserts sold separately in small quantities or assortment packs – if anyone knows of a vendor I’d appreciate the information.

    I bought the cheap tool to provide a clean way to mount spacers on my rowing frame’s aluminum tubing.

  2. Bill says:

    HF has this assortment of threaded incerts:

  3. Stuey says:

    Having riveted and drilled and reriveted a few computer cases, a tool like this might seriously cut down on my cursing. But… if I need a rivet size that I don’t have, a trip to Lowes or HD solves that in 15 mins or less. Since the same can’t be said about this tool, I’ll pass on it.

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