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Providence The Steel Yard

Rhode Island is the birthplace of the American industrial revolution, and along the Woonasquatucket River in the heart of Providence’s industrial valley you’ll find The Steel Yard. The Steel Yard carries on a tradition in the industrial arts: a centre for artists, businesses, educators and students.

With 5612 sq-ft of space the ‘Yard hosts a foundry, ceramic studio, as well as blacksmithing and welding shops.  Some of the classes they’re currently offing include glass fusing and slumping, heavy metal ceramics, welding, forging and blacksmithing, aluminum casting, and even jewelry making. 

I’m totally signing up for their weekend welding workshop.  See you there.

The Steel Yard [Organization Site]


8 Responses to The Steel Yard: Learn A Trade (Or Hobby)

  1. Chris says:

    awesome! anybody know any place like this in the Los Angeles area?

  2. ~eriC says:

    this place is super cool! i walked around the grounds about a week ago looking for a brochure/class schedule. Everything looks dangerous, rusty and awesome.(including a cat i came across) There are unused i-beam cranes broken crucibles piled up as well as these giant 4 foot wide cauldrons that they use for fires. i can’t decide on what class to take, they’re is a basic blacksmithing class i will most likely take however there is a beginners bladesmithing class that sounds pretty cool.

    anybody else going?


  3. Jake says:

    Or Denver for that matter?

  4. Any adult continuing-ed art program should have basic welding and metalworking classes. In Detroit, the College for Creative Studies offers a number of welding programs, but they’re not cheap. The closest I’ve ever been to molten bronze was at a friend’s grad-level art class “casting day”.

    As for blacksmithing, see what your local history museum or historical reenactment society can tell you. I live 15 miles from Greenfield Village, a zillion-acre blast-from-the-past monstrosity with its own railroad, glassblowing shop, blacksmith forge, cartwright’s shop, and fleet of historically accurate Model Ts for getting around when your feet get tired. Sometimes they offer classes in historical workmanship.

    I spent yesterday afternoon with a friend’s dad’s Bridgeport and I’m still grinning — I’ll be signing up for any class that gives me lab time with such machinery! There’s something absolutely incredible about hands-on time with a machine calibrated in thousandths of an inch.

  5. nrChris says:

    Hey Stephen, are you RI based?

    Is there enough of a RI / SE Mass toolmonger readership to warrant a meetup?

  6. I am indeed in Rhode Island.

  7. MT says:

    Sweet! I’m so glad I ran into this post now, while I’m in NE CT! 😀

  8. Gina says:

    I know a boy named Chris asked if you knew of anything in the LA area but I am asking again. All the programs I looked into were college career oriented programs.
    If you have any more specific info it would be greatly appreciated!

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