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Last week Metabo dropped us a press release regarding their (relatively) new 3/8″ offering, the BE4006.  The tale of the tape: a keyless 3/8″ metal chuck, 1/4″ capacity in steel, 1/2″ capacity in soft wood, a 3.5A motor delivering 27 in-lbs of torque, and a no-load speed of 3,950 RPM.

Why is this interesting, you ask?  First, it includes Metabo’s Variospeed speed-control electronics which lay in additional current as needed to keep the drill spinning at the RPM you set.  Believe me, until you’ve tried it you’ll never know what you’re missing.  Second, it weighs a miniscule 2.64 lbs.

This is essentially a great small-format drill for detail work in general metalwork, fabrication, and welding.  It’s also — like all Metabo gear — not so inexpensive.  Street pricing starts around $120.

3/8″ Lightweight Drill [Metabo]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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