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Do you like Cedar? No, I mean really like cedar?  If so, then Rockler has a deal for you: 2100 sq-ft of smelly aromatic cedar for around $4,000.  They’re quick to point out that it’s an internet only deal, and it’s first come first serve.

Is it a good deal?  We have no idea.  Just doing some quick math, it seems like approx. $2/sq-ft would be great.  But you have no idea how thick it is, and there’s no guarantee of condition.  Judging by the pile above, I’d guess there’s some junk in the middle.

And unless they clear-cut an entire province of Canadian trees, this has to be pretty much a one shot deal.  Still, it makes for a nice picture.  Damn, that’s a lot of smelly wood.

2100sq. board ft. of Cedar [Rockler]


4 Responses to It’s Just Cool: A Big Ass Pile-O-Cedar

  1. l_bilyk says:

    what would you do with that?

  2. John says:

    I bet that much could line a closet, or thirty. Could use it for lining a blanket chest? I don’t know, but I’d just need about 300sqft to line all my closets at home to keep the moths at bay. we’ve gotten a few moth holes in sweaters, and the little ceder blocks don’t seem to be very effective, and the wife hates the smell of moth balls.

  3. Mel says:

    Website says it’s surfaced to 5/16, so it would be great for lining a bunch of closets, but not so good for building chests.

  4. Aaron says:

    Hate the smell of moth balls? Try Ceder moth balls… they work the same but don’t smell as bad.

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