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These over-the-ear hearing protectors from DeWalt are designed to fit “virtually all slotted hard hats” — which means no more choosing between your hearing or your head!

Besides their unusual mounting system, these are similar to DeWalt’s — and most other manufacturer’s — hearing protectors.  They deliver 26 decibels of noise reduction.  Street pricing starts around $21, but we found ’em for $15 on Amazon.

CAPMount Hard Hat Earmuff Attachment [DeWalt]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


One Response to DeWalt’s Hard-Hat-Mounted Hearing Protection

  1. SouseMouse says:

    Unusual mounting? I always assumed that the slots on hard hats were intended for exactly this. I’ve been using a pair of Peltors for some time now. Many manufacturers have had this type of muff in their product lines for quite some time.

    The only thing unique here is the black & yellow branding. No trademarked D-shaped vent or lozenge-shaped bumps, though.

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