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A duct tape fiend friend of ours nearly spontaneously combusted when he saw the Tape Wrangler, and passed on his excitement, I checked it out, expecting to find some special feature. Guess what? It’s just a tape dispenser. Still, it’s a big, honkin’ tape dispenser, which brings a little cool, right?

The wrangler does mount under a cabinet or on the wall, which means you can stop losing the duct tape every five minutes. But for $20 you’d have to be pretty tape crazy to buy one. That’s a lot of rolls of tape. Hell, you could pay a kid a quarter to find your tape for you 80 times for that kind of scratch. Then again, the guys at the UPS store might have a whole row of Wranglers. Who knows?

The Tape Wrangler [Official Website]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]


3 Responses to The Tape Wrangler. No, Really.

  1. John Laur says:

    Are you kidding me? Is this what we have become?

  2. > That’s a lot of rolls of tape.

    Uh, actually it’s only a bit more expensive than _one_ roll of Nashua 357 at retail. In bulk, 357’s about $US9 a roll.

  3. Wendolina says:

    Are you out of your mind???This is one cool tool! I got one for my husband – but I use it all the time. It makes working with duct tape EASY. He (husband, Joe) uses it for that tyvek tape you weather – proof a house with and it is awesome. For $20 bucks, I’m buyibg them for everyone on my list this year.

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