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Pelican is famous for their line of nearly indestructible transport cases.  But did you know they also make an impressive line of flashlights and headlamps, too?  Their HeadsUp headlamps (like the ones pictured) include numerous thoughtful features such as an interchangeable head strap — cloth strap for bare-head comfort and rubber to keeps it in place on a hard-hat — and back-up bulbs on some incandescent models to keep you working when most other lights would go down for the count.

One light worthy of note is their new HeadsUp 2670.  It features a rear-mounted battery box, which not only balances out the lamp module up front but hosts a safety beacon to make you more visible from behind.  Its 22-lumen LED isn’t Earth-shatteringly bright, but considering that it runs more than 11 hours on three AAA batteries, that’s pretty respectable.

The kicker is the price: Even its $35 MSRP is reasonable for a well-made light with those features.  But you can find it on around $20.  And from keychain miniatures to 500-foot-depth-rated dive lights, they’re all backed by a “you break it, we replace it” guarantee. 

Pelican’s site has all the details plus an incredible time-lapse video showing the delivery and installation of “Colossus,” their huge new injection-molding machine. That alone makes it worth checking out, though low-bandwidth users need not apply — the video is almost ten meg.

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5 Responses to Pelican Makes Flashlights, Too — And They Rock

  1. Kyle says:

    I bought a knockoff of one of these from dealextreme.com. I use it all the time. I’ve even bought a few for family members.

  2. Jim says:

    One of my very first “real” flashlights was a Pelican. A little smaller than a minimag it was bright neon yellow, came with a red filter lens, and also a 90 degree light pipe attachment that was small enough to get into lots of cracks and crevices. I used this on-stage for many years as my primary tech light and loved it. It took lots of abuse and kept on working just fine (in fact I still have it). One of my best early tool purchases.

  3. Rick says:

    If that 2670 had some more lumens – that would be ideal for my firefighting gear – rubber strap for the helmet and the rear beacon – excellent.

    Streamlight has a larger hand-held lantern for firefighters that has some rear facing LEDs.. but this makes as much sense.

  4. Stuey says:

    I’m very surprised (but not at all disappointed) that these aren’t costlier. If I can scrounge up the few dollars for a Pelican headlamp, it might force my Petzl Zipka into retirement!

  5. Different purpose, Stuey. The Zipka is tiny, so you tuck it somewhere in case you need it. The Pelicans are big enough, and awkward enough with nonretractable straps, that it takes more justification to carry one, even if they’re at the same price point.

    Better get one of each. 😉

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