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Don’t short your next engine swap project in terms of cooling.  An overheated bad-ass ride is, well, just an overheated ride.  Be Cool makes sweet oversized multi-core aluminum radiators that’ll help your tricked-out power plant cool even in Vegas heat.

When it comes to radiators, Be Cool likes ’em big, shiny, and ready for work.  They’re massive.  What they’re not is cheap.  In fact their aluminum dual-core models are some of the most expensive around.  But you get what you pay for.

Besides the fact that the radiator didn’t leak at all — something that’s surprisingly uncommon among all-welded aluminum gear —  we really dig Be Cool’s customer support line.  We called ’em up recently during the course of installing one of their radiators in project Yukon and they were both prompt and helpful.  Be Cool mans the phones with folks who actually know their products and can address pretty much any problem you might have installing or fitting them.

That may not seem like a big deal when you’re shopping catalogs, but believe us: it will when you can’t find a required plug to finish an install. 

Be Cool [Official Site]


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