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It looks like the Compucarve — which has received mixed response from the woodworking command seems perpetually unavailable for review — isn’t the only digital-age ace up Craftsman’s sleeve.  Check out their AXS storage chest line, complete with LCD “information center” and integrated LED task lighting.

The line also includes a 120V power strip as well as a 12V outlet — handy for charging your cell phone and testing car-powered gear — and slide-out work surfaces.  We particularly like the black-and-stainless combo look, especially since the black plastic is fiberglass-reinforced.  Sounds like it might withstand a little abuse.

We currently find two items listed, a rolling and stack-style chest, both intended to work as a combo.  Sadly, like the Compucarve, they’re both out-of-stock.  Does that mean they’re really popular, or are they just not ready for prime time?

The combo — if you could order it — runs $619.

(Thanks, VacaSteve, for the tip!)

Craftsman’s AXS 12-Drawer 27″ Combo [Sears]


16 Responses to Digital Garage Bling From Craftsman

  1. nrChris says:

    Sadly, it also seems that the sole reviewer rated these on the basis of looks rather than having actually used them.

    Did I miss on the specs what exactly the LCD information displays? Time and temp? Humidity? An inventory of tools along with who you loaned what to?

  2. Jason says:

    There’s not much info, but from the Sears site it looks like date/time, and indoor/outdoor temperatures. There’s an optional remote temperature sensor. I assume it also has an alarm of some sort and possibly makes coffee.

  3. Toolaremia says:

    From the picture, the “information center” appears to show time, day, date, and maybe indoor and outdoor temperature, best I can tell. Silly.

    Here’s the compatible wireless remote temp sensor:

  4. Ray says:

    Will it tell me where I left that @*&%$ camo tool bag? 🙂

  5. John Laur says:

    Wow what a ridiculous toolbox!

  6. F451 says:

    This looks like a tool box for the woman in your life. It sure is not a manly man’s toolbox. Who needs all that sissy crap on their toolbox?

  7. Toolaremia says:

    F451 is close; it’s going to be /from/ the woman in your life!

    “Look honey! I bought you this great tool chest with an alarm clock on it so you know when it’s time to come in from the shop! And it’s pretty too.”

    “Uh. Thanks Babe, you’re the greatest. (dammit.)”


  8. F451 says:

    @ Toolaremia, I didn’t think about that aspect! One of those gifts you have bite your tongue on when you’re telling the Mrs. how much you really like it (after having several Guinness Extra Stouts).

  9. No, nrChris has the right idea! Put RfID or a bar code on each of your tools, then make the neighbor sign it out into the toolbox computer whenever he borrows it. Perhaps it even sends out weekly return reminders via email. This is the future! 😉

  10. Sean McDonald says:

    The look is cool, but not very functional, craftsman is over priced , you can buy a better quality box, for less money at tractor supply. I bought a masterhand tool box there 27″ wide, ball bearing wheels, drawers, gas shock lid, drawer mats included and 5 yr no hassle warranty, you do need to keep receipt, only color is hunter/forest green I paid 468 including sales take for both pieces.
    I dont work there just love my new box.

    I added a 9″ lcd and speakers in lid of top box also put in a car cd mp3 player and dc to ac converter and micro computer with wi-fi in my side cabinet, so when i need to look up info on a project or supplies Its right there! .. I guess since sears has digital panel .. I was already one up on them my car stereo has a lcd with time and temp, and with the computer in side cabinet I can keep a tab on who in shop borrowed my impact or a wrench lol

  11. alfapop says:

    Awesome! What a cool looking tool chest. So much better than the same old square boxes out there. This could be the centerpiece of my garage/work space. I am sure being a Craftsman it must be rugged. I think it has an automotive look to it. Sleek and streamlined. I want one. The stainless steel look is cool but I wonder what other colors it comes in. Why would you say it doesn’t look functional? Task lighting, pull out work surface and looks like the same amount of storage as their current tool combos and lockable, too. I’m sold and I haven’t even seen one for real.

  12. ToolManTaylor says:

    Looks cool to me. Don’t know about that info panel, but I guess it could be useful. I like the 12V outlet. That would definitely come in handy. Never seen any toolbox handles like those before! I hope it comes out soon. Off to paint my garage black…

  13. Dan says:

    I have to build displays with these boxes for Sears and all. What this doesn’t show is the Craftsmen name plates are lighted, has a slideout work space with led lights. The lock is supposed to be programable so you can use a house key or such. Self closing, ball bearing drawer slides. 6 outlet power strip on the side. I haven’t worked with them much. I will send more info next week about construction.

  14. Dave says:

    I saw an ad for this today. It showed ‘ground effect’ lighting and said there was an optional speaker/MP3 player pouch and an optional USB connection. Speakers wouldn’t be a bad idea, but WTH would you need a USB connection on a toolbox for?

  15. Dave, did you happen to catch the ad online? If so, please post a link.

    A speaker accessory & MP3 player pouch? Those are probably being released for some exposure before the holiday shopping period begins.

    USB ports of course provide data transmission, but two of those rails provide a low current 5V power source which can be used to power various accessories or charge various devices.

  16. It’s common for mp3-capable car stereos to have a USB port in lieu of a memory slot. You load the music files onto a thumb drive, then plug it into the stereo and it loads the filesystem, presents a menu, and plays the files. Then you try not to snap the infernal thing off, because it sticks out like a lever.

    I’m not sure that’s what this particular USB port does, but it’s a guess. Handy as a cellphone charger, if nothing else.

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