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POrter Cable Profile Sander

Here’s a refurbished Porter Cable profile sander for $37 over at Tool-Plus.  It’s fairly basic in its features: it’s got a 120V 1.8A single speed motor delivering 6,000 strokes per minute, and it accepts standard-holed hook-and-loop paper.  Even if you’re not a seasoned woodworker, you really don’t need much of an excuse to pick one of these up for $37.

Profile Sander [Porter Cable]
Refurb Profile Sander [Tool Plus]
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5 Responses to Dealmonger: Refurb Porter Cable Profile Sander For $37

  1. Dan Lyke says:

    I picked up one of these puppies from Ideal Saw Works in Fresno, CA at a similar price a few months ago. Noisy as all get-out, but other than that it’s a great little sander that made detail sanding on a refinishing job far easier than I expected it to be.

    For less than forty bucks, it’s really hard to go wrong.

  2. BJN says:

    I’ve owned one of these for years and have to say it pretty much suxx. The sander comes with rubber profile inserts that you wrap with adhesive-backed sandpaper (sold in rolls by Porter Cable if you can find them). The profile area is small and you’ll quickly wear out the paper. In fact, at the sharp edges of profiles the paper will wear through and expose the rubber. I’ve left many black rubber marks on projects that then have to be sanded off. The slip-fit holder for the rubber profiles isn’t reliable, so you’ll find the profiles popping out with annoying frequency. The ergonomics is poor with a fat sander body that’s tiring to hold. A cheap Black and Decker mouse is better than this sander for simple corner, edge, and flat surface sanding. Although I still have my copy of this sander, I don’t use it. Save your money folks. I have several excellent Porter Cable tools and this ain’t one of them.

  3. Fred Coppersmith says:

    I bought the higher-priced variable speed model – so my bad investment was compounded by a higher price. It seemed like a cheaper alternative to the Fein Multimaster that I ended up using – so the PC now sits in its grey plastic case gathering dust from non-use. Now if only the Fein came with sensibly-priced accessories!

  4. Dan Lyke says:

    Huh. I’ve had no problem with cutting sandpaper for the profiles from sheet, and we’ve got a B&D Mouse and I reach for this one first.

    If I did more of this sort of refinishing I’d get a Festool DX 93 or LS 130, but for a cheap easy way to take the stain out of the narrow curves of some turned legs on an old table I was refinishing, the Porter-Cable thing worked just fine.

    It is, however, really loud. And BJN’s comment about being careful about getting the black rubber streaks on your piece should the sandpaper fall off does stand.

  5. It is cheap but the quality of it was so great. It is very strong and easy to use. It has a very powerful engine. This tool is the best tool for woodworker.

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