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Black & Decker’s ProjectMate 3-in-1 decorating tool is a corded multi-function power tool that addresses the “preparation work blues” by spinning three types of prep work attachments at 8,500 rpm.  Scraper blades (like sharpened claws) remove paint, a detail sander prepares and finishes surfaces for fresh paint, and a screwdriver attachment removes and refastens hardware, outlet covers and switch plates.

OK — the “screwdriver” attachment looks more like an “also ran” when compared to the other attachments, but hey — you get it in the kit.

A $70 street price puts the ProjectMate kit smack dab in the middle of the hobbyist market, which is good because pros won’t really need it.  But it could be a great addition for someone who doesn’t have any wood prep capability and wants to give it go.

PM3000B ProjectMate [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Screw, Scrape, and Sand With The ProjectMate

  1. Emil says:

    So, uh … I don’t get it, heh. It uses that 8.5 kRPM motor to do … what to the claw-shaped blade? Vibrate it? Does that help, in scraping paint? If no, what does it do?

    I guess it’s obvious I have no great experience in scraping paint, but I really didn’t understand how this tool works, and checking the B&D site didn’t make me any more informed.

  2. l_bilyk says:

    Or you could just buy a drill, ROS and a hand scraper and be way better off
    These all-in-one tools are never a wise purchase because they don’t do anything well

  3. David Culberson says:

    Having hand scraped an entire two-story wood-sided house, I can say that if the power scraper thing helps at all, it would be worth the cost of admission. A week of hand scraping does wonders for one’s outlook on life. Returning to work is a vacation.

    In hindsight, even the $350 for the original Paint Shaver (which is now a $600 Paint Shaver “pro”?!) would’ve been a hell of a deal.

  4. Stuey says:

    If you’re interested in this item, bear in mind that it’s not a new release. I remembered that it dropped below the $30 price mark a few times on amazon and did a search on forums.slickdeals.net to confirm this.

    A search for “projectmate” at the slickdeals forum shows quite a few clearance mentions and extremely low amazon, Walmart, & HD price mentions. I definitely remember seeing these tool sets before I left upstate NY prior to fall 2006. However, I don’t recall seeing them at any big box store too recently.

    Sometimes an item is clearanced and/or heavily discounted randomly and other times for good reasons. I believe that in this case, the historical pricing evident via slickdeals.net and other similar deals discussion boards is indicative of a bad product’s poor sales.

    My advice if you don’t care about a scraper: get a separate sander and a cordless screwdriver for less money. If you need a scraper, maybe a heat gun + scraper is a better alternative?

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