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Delta will release their new line of floor drill presses in August.  The big change: a pair of crosshair lasers.  There’s nothing wrong with lasers, of course, but we were hoping for a bit more.

The new 17-959L — gotta love that catchy name — is very similar to its predecessors with 16 speeds, micro adjustable depth stops, and a woodworking table that pivots 0 to 90 degrees as well as forward.  The LX model also adds a digital speed and depth gauge in front above the power controls.

Bringing the bling is a pod-mounted adjustable cross-hair laser set, and this is the center of Delta’s marketing blitz.  Are they cool?  Sure.  But lasers aren’t going to send your perfectly usable floor model to the swap meet just yet.

We’ll follow up with prices and more information as we receive it.

17-959L Drill Press [Delta]


5 Responses to Preview: Delta’s New Drill Presses — With Lasers

  1. JamesBrauer66 says:

    Dye, layout marks, punch, center drill, drill. Now, where does a big fat laser dot fall into that procedure? I guess if I was drilling bolt holes in 2x4s for a workbench, or something, it would be OK, but I would rather have a really bright LED light on the work piece than a laser.

  2. Kurt says:

    Does anyone rely on the laser? Or is everyone just using it for approximations before actually bringing the drill down and seeing exactly what it’s about to start drilling into.

  3. VacaSteve says:

    James, You said it… a nice bright LED light would be trick! Also, I do like that table. Nice!

  4. l_bilyk says:

    I want…. not because of the laster – i couldn’t care less
    But the other features make this a very attractive tool

  5. Ben says:

    I think the depth gauge is the big deal on this one. However, Craftsman has a model with the exact same feature-so it’s apparently not that innovative. The laser is nothing new to drill presses either.

    At AWFS, they said that this drill press was designed for the woodworker. Wider base, easy crank-style speed adjust, larger table with removable insert…

    Innovative or not, it’s still a very nice drill press.

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