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TM reader and photo pool member Joel posted some pics of a recent machining project, reminding me why I need to get off my lazy butt and learn to use my Smithy.  Or for that matter, get off my lazy butt and post some pictures of my Smithy as it doesn’t look much like the stock ones.  My father was a machinist, but he never got the chance to teach me while he was alive.  I’ve been chasing the art ever since, never finding quite enough time to learn.

I’ll fix it one of these days — probably after I need a part like the one Joel created above and look over at the Smithy and think “Why didn’t I learn to use this years ago?” a few more times.

In the meantime, if you’ve got a cool project (or shop, or tool), why not take a second to sign up for Flickr, join the TM group, and post a pic or two?

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to From The Flickr Pool: A Machining Project

  1. joel says:

    Hey Chuck, thanks for the shout! I’m not a machinist by a long shot, but when a friend gave me a busted up hand-me-down 9×20 import lathe I started to learn, and “found” a lot of parts I could use it for.

    With no formal training I broke a lot of stuff, including some drive belts, and bent the compound clamp. Fortunately it’s relatively hard to hurt yourself on a lathe. But the coolest thing about machine tools is that they’re a project in themselves. Google “9×20” and you’ll find a bunch of people modifying their machines… better components, digital readouts, coolant stuff, shiny homemade knobs, tweaking it here and there… so the machine becomes unique to the user.

    Good luck with your Smithy!

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