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If imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, it looks like Stanley’s FUBAR has a new admirer: The Truckman’s Professional Demo Tool.  Duluth Trading, who sells this hammer from hell, claims that “by design it does the work of 4 or 5 standard demolition tools.”  The big difference?  The Truckman is more of a modified hammer than a new form of tool.

That head is stress-relieved and induction heat-treated for strength, and you can chop with its front edge, bash with its crown, and pry with the rear.  Essentially, it’s a demolition hammer.

It’s also a bit on the steep side pricewise at $70.  Then again, if you were trying to escape a burning building — or have a professional need to get back into one — this might prove handy.

While the Truckman has a blade on one edge, it’s obvious that this is an entry into the same market as Stanley’s demo rig.  The message seems clear enough: large multi-function bars are coming, which means you won’t have to take any crap from any building — just knock it down.

Truckman’s Professional Demo Tool [Duluth]


2 Responses to Truckman’s Professional Demo Tool

  1. Brian says:

    This would’ve been fun to have when I ripped out my kitchen last spring. To quote from the website “Dielectric safe up to 100,000 volts”… would’ve been handy too.

  2. Erik says:

    This is a great tool for demolition, but is in no way a new tool. It has been around for years as a firefighting tool. Another great tool is the Halligan or Hooligan bar. I have used both for years when demo-ing before remodels.

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