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Shears and shrubbers — while the casual gardeners’ trusty sidearm of choice — are probably the single biggest cord-cutting offenders.  All it takes is a moment’s distraction for the cord to slip forward and BAM!  You’re holding a useless, unpowered tool.  Why not pre-emptively cut the cord and go with a cordless model like Black & Decker’s SSC1000?

With in mind a 7.2 volt trimmer that weighs less than 2 pounds isn’t a toy by anyone’s standard.

A 7.2V model weighing less than two pounds, the SSC1000 features an interchangeable blade system that allows easy conversion from a grass shear to a detail shrubber via a clip mechanism under the nose of the unit.  Both the 4-inch shear blade and the 6-inch shrubber blade are formed from sharpened steel for durability and cleaner cuts.

One fault: while the blades are removable and interchangable, the battery isn’t.  However, Black & Decker does claim a full-charge runtime of around 30 minutes of sustained use.  Like most Black & Decker rigs, it’s charged via an external wall-wart-style charger.  And at a street price of around $50, you could buy another one when the battery finally dies — or if you’re still in love with it, break it open and re-cell it.

SSC1000 [Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Product Search]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


2 Responses to Cut The Cord (Or Don’t!) With Black & Decker’s Cordless Shear/Shrubber

  1. The amazon reviews seem less than stellar…

  2. Fred Coppersmith says:

    Take a look at the American Gardner (GS48) alternative.

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