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Egon and the Ghostbusters II crew might have made it into the underworld before NYPD’s finest busted ’em if they’d been outfitted with Bosch’s 35-pound breaker hammer.  Heck, at that weight, Janine and Slimer could’ve gotten in on the destruction, too. 

Bosch claims their Active Vibration Control (read: a moving, shock-absorbing handle) dampens the shock of standard breakers by “up to 40%,” which makes the hammer easier to control and limits the long-term effects of vibration on the operator.  It’s electric-powered and jacks in to standard 15A outlets, and its heavy-hitting 1750W motor pumps out 34 ft-lbs of impact. 

Street pricing starts around $1,100.  One question, though: With half the weight of a usual jackhammer, can you still let gravity do all the pushing as most how-tos we’ve read advise?

35-lb. Breaker Hammer – JACK [Bosch]
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