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All pocket butane torches are handy, but this Bernz-O-Matic really stands out.  It ships with a catalytic burner that slips over the torch head to convert it to flameless heat-blower operation, it includes a soldering tip that screws into the catalyst body.  You can also lock the gas valve on with a button so you can set the torch down and pass your work in front of it — especially handy for heatshrink or soldering.

When you add up all the features, it kicks the crap out of most little “lighter” torches, where you’re likely to get a thumb cramp before you get anything done.

My favorite feature, however, is the Bernz-O-Matic’s finger-adjustable gas control.  If you’ve ever hunted around for the right size screwdriver to adjust the little brass valve on a lighter, you know how big a deal this is.  To top it all off, it’s got a piezoelectric igniter, which means no fumbling with a cap-mounted flint sparker like the one on its closest competitor. 

Granted, its kid-proof lighting mechanism is nearly adult-proof, too, but that’s really my only complaint.  And while at $35 or so it’s not the cheapest butane torch, the features more than justify the price.  My brother has one of these and adores it.  

Note: Continuing our series of silly product photographs, check out the fake flame that Tecra painted in over the soldering tip!  Sad.

Bernz-O-Matic Butane Torch [Home Depot] 
Bernzomatic Butane Soldering
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Via Amazon [What’s this?]


7 Responses to The Bernz-O-Matic Self-Igniting Butane Torch

  1. Vincent Ma says:

    OMG this is too funny. Years ago my better half bought _the_exact_same_ torch, but it came from a fancy kitchen-stuff store, and it was marketed as a creme brulee tourch. I think it was $30+ CAD, and did not come with the soldering tip (of course). This thing is powerful enough to make said desserts in like less than one minute 🙂

    Of course I’ve also “borrowed” it from my wife to use on projects, like desoldering old pipes.. This lets me get away from having to buy a full blown propane plumbing kit 🙂

  2. TheEstablishment says:

    I found the little safety trigger to be a real PITA, so I just wrapped a little piece of solder around it, making it a true one handed tool. Don’t forget to take it off before you toss this into your toolbag 😀

  3. Fong says:

    I too found the safety trigger a nuisance. Besides that, the flame would sometimes pulsate erratically despite it having plenty of fuel left.

  4. Ray says:

    Personally I only use charcoal to brulee my creme. I would never use gas…no wait thats a different running argument! By the way what do you guys think of pegboard 🙂

    On a more serious note I have this torch and it works well. I was just sing it last weekend to tin some stranded wire pig-tales on new lighting fixtures. As noted the safty can be a bit of a bother but I do like the fact that it stands up and is not to tippy.

  5. TC says:

    I’ve had one of these for a few years now, useful little torch. As do many, I found the little metal safety pin to be annoying, so I ripped it from the torch with a pair of needlenose.

  6. I also removed the safety feature on mine – as I recall you can open up the torch (screws on the side) and pull it out without damage.

  7. carlos says:

    I tried to refill my bernomatic torch but it would not keep any fuel down it kept spiting it up, so i unscrewed the valve where the butane is put in and noticed it has two brass rods going into the tank. There is a smaller rod withing a larger diameter rod, the inner one has a crack in it, any one know if this is replaceable or if parts are sold?

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