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For years, gas installers and home inspectors alike have relied on the venerable TIF 8800 combustible gas detector to find the smallest leaks in joints and fittings, but it’s a bit spendy for most homeowners.  But with ExTech’s new EZ40 detector — which offers essentially the same features at half the price — it looks like ExTech has a solution for everyone.

It runs for around eight hours on three “C” batteries and features a 16″ gooseneck that makes sticking the sensor in tight spots pretty easy.  It also touts “one-hand operaton” with a button to activate it and a rotary “background gas level” adjustment via a concentric thumb wheel. 

The EZ40’s slimmer shape and $100 pricetag will probably make it the instrument of choice for those who need sensitive gas detection in the field — and the only real option for most homeowners. 

EZ40 Combustible Gas Detector [Extech]
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2 Responses to ExTech’s Affordable New Combustible Gas Detector

  1. Toolaremia says:

    Nice. I could use this to help find the leak in my hydrocarbon mobile air conditioning.

  2. Seth says:

    Sure beats the the last “combustible gas test” I saw. Dude from the utility company turned on our service, and checked for leaks . . . using a zippo.

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