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An anonymous TM reader tipped us off to these Flickr photos of some awesome custom-made miniature tools.  In the photo above you see both an original brace and this guy’s miniature version.  Incredibly, this isn’t even the most interesting of his tools.  Follow the link below to see the rest of his Flickr photo stream.

Sadly, all we know about these tools is that they belong to Flickr user Minitool.  Our tipster says he found them via Sherline’s Yahoo discussion group — Sherline makes miniature computer-controlled lathes and mills.  Maybe he’ll stop by and tell us a bit more about them!

Minitool’s Miniature Tool Photos [Flickr]


5 Responses to Classic British Tools — In Miniature

  1. Rick says:

    Where did this post come from? It wasn’t here yesterday (the 17th)

    In any event – an interesting post – it’s a shame it’s buried down the page and not given a fair shake at the top.

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Rick: It was a typo on my part when I posted. Fixed!

  3. Rick says:

    no prob.. I thought I was losing it..
    That’s cool though – I didn’t realize you were able to backdate stuff…
    In any case, great find.

  4. John Maki says:

    I just happened upon this site and was surprised to see my miniature tool set. I have published photos of the set under the name “minitool” on the Flickr site. Since these photos were posted, I have added several others to my collection but have yet to add photos to the Flickr site.

    I have made all of the tools from scratch, scaling down original examples (or in some cases working from photos). At this time my collection numbers about 50 different tools. They are made for my own pleasure only, and not for sale.

    I live on the Olympic Pennisula in Washington and began this “hobby” when I retired several years ago. I would enjoy communicating with others who share my interest!

    John Maki

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