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Remember old-school Toolmonger that was all young, dumb and full of… vigor?  So do we.  Check out what we were discussing a year ago this week: 

  • We did our first hands-on with Bosch’s PS20 “Pocket” driver — a tool that forever changed how we look at small drivers.  The box said, “Drives 100+ 3” wood screws.  “BS!” we thought.  Wrong.  It did fine.  We got 85 our of our first test, and after adjusting the speed, we’ve since driving well over 100.  I bought one not long after the test, and I’ve bought them for friends and relatives, too. 
  • We wrote about our first “topside” oil changer, which we discovered via Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools site.  Since then we’ve covered others, and they always receive a good response from readers — including at least one comment reminding us that this is how Mercedes dealers swap lube.
  • Check out this Monday night lineup: World Biker Build-Off, Biker Build-Off, American Hot Rod, American Chopper, Mythbusters, Unique Whips, Building the Ultimate, and How It’s Made.  Et tu, Discovery?
  • We tried out a new-breed “cordless screwdriver:” Black & Decker’s Smartdriver.  It’s no PS20, but it’s a great ‘driver for $40.
  • We reviewed “Welding Essentials,” a great Q & A-format book from Industrial Press that answers all those questions you’re afraid to ask about welding.  It also explains how to fix just about every major welding screwup you can make.
  • This is still a good tip: label your A/C filter with the date when you replace it.  Really.
  • But my favorite part of this week last year was that we started the Project Yukon engine swap.  This was a lot of fun — and successful, as you can see from our other Project Yukon posts.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for us to call out these great old posts.  Try plugging your areas of interest into TM’s search engine to turn up hours of old-school TM fun.  See you next week.


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  1. Just a point, label _everything_ replaceable with the date you replace it. Injket cartridges, laptop batteries, flashlight batteries, air filters, water filters, etc. It’s really handy when your cellphone won’t hold a charge after 6 months but the droids at the store insist you must’ve had it over a year.

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