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TM reader Toolaremia writes: “Pep Boys is offering this 24V impact wrench for $70 after mail-in rebate.  That’s the cheapest I’ve seen it.  I did a little web research and discovered that it’s received good reviews on many car enthusiast forums.  I can’t tell from the ad, but I think it comes with several sockets, a charger, and maybe two batteries.  I’m going to pick one up this week, so I’ll follow up with more information.”

We’re always dubious of these kind of deals, but $70 is uber-cheap for this tool type.  I know a lot of autocross people pick these up to simplify wheel changes at the event.  If — like them — you just need the impact wrench and aren’t planning to start a 24V collection, it might work for you. 

Note: We apologize for the crappy picture.  This tool seems to be a PepBoys exclusive, and they offer lousy pictures.

Good Year Racing 24V Cordless Impact Wrench [PepBoys Auto]


38 Responses to Dealmonger: Good Year Racing 24V Impact Wrench For $70

  1. Toolaremia says:

    Hey! That’s Too*l*aremia! 😉

    I’ve found out it only comes with one battery, but extras are only $35, so this impact driver with two batteries is $105 after (not-easy) rebate. Still a smoking deal if it can do even a half-ass job. Hope to pick one up tomorrow and beat the crap out of it over the weekend.

  2. Chuck Cage says:

    Too(l)aremia: Fixed!

  3. m4ff3w says:

    I have that, I bought it in Jan or Feb of this year.

    I love it.

  4. Jim says:

    I bought the goodyear 24v impact wrench sometime last year, I have to admit it is a great tool, plenty of torque and very dependable, the times
    I have used, it. The only problem I have is not with the tool but with the charger. According to the manual that came with the wrench I could keep the battery in the charger charging until I need to use it. Well my second charger just blew out and I find that I will have to buy a third one, and if this continues my evaluation will have to change becuase they have crappy chargers. Has anyone else had problems with their chargers?

  5. Henry says:

    Toolaremia, where did u find the spare battery?

    Jim, I’ve had the wrench for a few months and have not had any problems with the charger.

  6. Bob says:

    I bought one and had the same problem with the charger . I tried to find one but can’t seem to find one .

  7. mike says:

    I woork for a company that dose roadside asst. I now use the Goodyear 24 Cordless Impact wrench. I love it. I have used many diffante types be fore and not just for the price it is a great little work horse. I use it 9-10 times a day… I have had it for about six months now the only promble I have ever had with it is when I forget to charge it. It usly last me 2-3 days of use. you do not have to kept it in its charger. it you do not use it much check it like 1 hour be fore you use it.

  8. skilzs says:

    The reason you we have a problem with the charger it that you leave it plug in. All batterys that are rechargerbale lose small amounts for power when not in use. So like mike said check be for you use it. I had to check out what people said about these tool. now I found the one to buy Thanks everone

  9. Toolaremia says:

    As an amateur race car driver, I know a sure sign that something is worth the money is when everybody at the track starts showing up with one. The first time I noticed the phenomenon is when everybody started showing up with those Harbor Freight aluminum jacks.

    I went racing this past weekend, and now that I have one of these Good Year impact guns, I started noticing how many other races have them: LOTS. An informal survey found that everybody I asked likes it and hasn’t had any trouble with it.

    You could tell the folks who paid hundreds more for their Milwaukee or Dewalt impact guns; they would frown when I asked them about the Good Year… 😉

    Oh, and I never found the spare batteries. 🙁 But the battery life is good enough to service two race cars all-weekend with no recharge, so I don’t think it’s needed.

  10. derryl says:

    Where can you find a charger? My charger went out after two uses.. I am not too impressed so far

  11. jim says:

    After I saw my cousin’s Goodyear Racing 23-volt, cordless impact wrench, I wanted one for myself. I went to my local Pep Boys and bought myself one and have been quite pleased with its performance. However, I, too, have a problem with the charger. I quit working after only a couple of charges of the battery. My cousin had similar problems with his charger, too. I am like derryl. I need to know where I can get a new charger. My local Pep Boys could do no more than give me an 800 number for Goodyear.

  12. helen says:

    After reading these4 blogs I think it maybe is my charger, I ve had it a year and a half. But now its given me problems I thought it was the battery not fully ccharging anymore but after I read these comments it just might be the charger. I really liked the preformance up till now. I guess I will go out and by another one, the price was right and its been really handy getting those flat tires changed in a few minutes with out having to use to much physical emergy.

  13. LoLo says:

    My dad has one of these and I did not know there was a trick to the charger. So when I went to use it – he sad to put the battery completely in and then pull it up a bit until you see the light on.

  14. paresh says:

    Does anyone know where to purchase battery for Good Year Racing 24 v impact wrench?

  15. Clifton says:

    Spare chargers and batteries can be had cheaply from Allied Signal,
    the number is on the box: 1-800-248-6657 . They were very nice, I
    got 3 chargers for about $45 shipping included !

  16. kaptmikey says:

    I really enjoy my Goodyear impact, but my charger also took a dump. Goodyear should make good on all this cheap chargers. I guess I’ll try the number Clifton posted at allied and try and buy a new charger. As anyone can see by all the common post, Goodyear 24v chargers are pure junk!

    • darnell says:

      I had a great neck 24v impact wrench and i went through 3 chargers but they dont allow you to buy them separately so i went with the good year i called the 800 number on the box they said they sold them for $15. I like the good year more torque and handling

  17. the # that clfton was verry helpfull thanks

  18. ED says:

    I think my battery is not holding a charge as long as it should. Either the battery or charger is bad. Can anybody tell me? I really appreciate it.

  19. kriss says:

    does anybody know where i can purchase a goodyear 24v cordless impact? pep boys decided to discontinue selling their best product. any direction would be appreciated. thanks!

  20. ALLAN says:

    I purchased mine over 2 years ago,and never had a problem because i do not leave mine in the charger.I think that is the problem and also never let your battery run completly dead .After charging unplug the charger untill the next time.

  21. Toolaremia says:

    Update: Here we are three years later and my little Goodyear impact gun is still going strong. Battery still lasts a whole weekend and there are no signs of trouble from the tool. I only use it ten-twelve weekends a year, but it’s still much better life than I expected for $70.

    This is why I prefer NiCd batteries over Li-io in many applications: Lithium-ion batteries have a life that is limited by the *calendar*, typically lasting no more than two years for the cheap ones. NiCd batteries are only limited by *abuse*. NiCd’s will last a decade if properly cared-for. If the battery was Li-io, I’d have a dead $70+ battery by now. Since it’s NiCd, it still works and will only cost me maybe $40 when it does die. (Even less if I can’t get the exact pack and just refurb my pack with feeBay NiCd cells.)

  22. steve says:

    you can buy replacement batteries from jc whitney, and pep boys also carries the sets again

  23. moyo says:

    ive had 1 for six years and the only problem i had was the battery was no good when i bought it i called the company they replaced . since then ive had no ploblems i use it every other day on every thing it great

  24. Ron says:

    I have one that a friend @ my shop gave to me ; & I never got to use it because I don’t have the charger. Dose anyone no were I can get the charger from?

  25. Miles says:

    just picked mine up today for $89 and got a $20 rebate, so for $69 bucks I’ll give it a try, the battery was almost dead when I opened the case but it does say in the directions it comes shipped that way and takes about several charge cycles to be at full power, I’ll post back up with any updates… anyone else have good luck with them?

  26. Toolaremia says:

    Congrats Miles. That’s a great deal to get it for the same price five years later. I’m happy to say mine has survived another summer, so that’s over 4 years of reliable service. The socket retainer hog ring finally popped off, but I made another out of some stiff wire.

  27. John says:

    here in nyc i find the spare batteries in some pep boys that i went to for i think 40 bucks that i can remember

  28. Jason Burnstein says:

    Does anyone know exactly how many foot pounds of torque the tool produces ? Many car makers warn against over/under tightening lug nuts. If not torqued to specs, it can warp the brake rotors.

  29. clyde boan says:

    where can I get one of the Goodyear 24v impact wrenches at,can I order one over the web or where?

  30. bruce says:

    where can I get the charging base for the Goodyear, 1/2 drive,24volt impact wrench, part # 33609. major store in Las Vegas?

  31. Robert Arabian says:

    My Goodyear 24v battery does not hold a charge for long. How can I tell if the problem is the battery or the charger? I bought my inpact wrench in 2006.

  32. carlos melendez says:

    Hi, I need to know how I can get a new 24 battery for a Good Year Impact Wrench cordless else the brand new included with it?

  33. alex says:

    I’ve had mine for close to 10 years now. The battery and/or the charger is/are dead. I plan to do this replacement of batteries (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtOS5evrqrQ) after I try the trick mentioned above by LoLo to put it in and pull up a bit since I have not noticed the light go on and sometimes it works on odd occasions, but not usually. This used to be great at the track and really cuts down wheel swaps.

    I am not giving up on the 33609!!! If the charger is bad, I’ll get another charger from Allied Signal. If the batts are bad, I will do the replacement as noted in my video post.


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