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TM reader Stuey stumbled across this interesting deal.  He writes: “If you buy $40 worth of ‘select hand tools’ from Amazon, you get this Robotoolz laser level for free.  I’m can’t tell exactly what qualifies as a ‘select hand tool’ but so far most Bucket Boss and some Stanley products fit the description.”

At worst, you might try entering the “FREESQRE” code at checkout to see if your order qualifies.  It sells for around $20 normally.  Hey–free tools are free tools, right?

Robotoolz Single Beam Laser Pointer Via Amazon [What’s this?] 


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Free Laser Level With $40 Purchase At Amazon

  1. Jason says:

    Has anyone else figured out what counts? This could be pretty good with SAVEXTRA, giving 20% off some items.

  2. Stuey says:

    Forgive me if the links are broken; amazon throws in a lot of useless stuff in the URL and my cleanups aren’t always perfect.


    Hand Tools page which should say “Receive a free carpenter square when you purchase $40 worth of select hand tools sold by Amazon.com. Choose from huge selection of brands, including Stanley, Irwin, and Bessey. Hurry–the offer is good only while supplies last. Use promotional code FREESQRE at checkout.”

    Then click on the “Hand Tools” link and navigate via the lefthand side links.

  3. Stuey says:

    Well, something went wrong if not initially, then now.

    The free item w/ $40 purchase is now a Starrett yellow plastic rafter square.


    I figured there was a problem when they were giving a laser level and calling it a square. But when the deal was up for a while, I figured they just didn’t know their tool names. But it seems that it was a mistake and that someone caught on b/c now the code “FREESQRE” just gets you the free square not the laser level.

    Oh wells. Let me know if you got in on the promotion and actually got the laser level!

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