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Long-time TM reader Tracy posted a picture of this tip to Toolmonger’s photo pool this week.  He writes: “If you’re inserting a spark plug and you’re worried about cross-threading, this simple trick is kind of handy.  Simply slip a short length of fuel line over the plug and use it as a wrench to insert and turn the plug.  If the plug begins to cross-thread and bind up, the fuel line will slip and you won’t be able to thread the plug in further.  If it goes in cleanly you can pull on the fuel line to pop it off, then finish tightening with a spark plug wrench.”

Rock on — great idea!  Check the pool for some more of Tracy’s great tips.

Toolmonger’s Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to Tip: Use Fuel Line To Safely Install Spark Plugs

  1. DennisB says:

    You can also use a spark plug boot cut off of an old spark plug wire.

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