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TM reader Tracy (who provided today’s great tip on installing spark plugs) has a question for you: “Do any of you Toolmongers know of a company that makes a ratcheting bit driver that fits in a 1/4″ hex driver?  I’ve seen plenty of ratcheting 1/4″ drivers themselves — tons of screwdrivers, thumbwheels, etc.  What I’m looking for is something that I can put in the 1/4″ hex slot of a non-ratcheting driver to add ratcheting capability.”

I don’t remember seeing one, but now that it’s out in the open, this sounds like a great idea.


4 Responses to Reader Question: A Ratcheting Insert For 1/4″ Hex Drivers?

  1. caseytech says:

    from an engineering standpoint, that sounds like quite a feat and to make it withstand some torque would be another.

    so to answer your question, I dont know.

    However, I think it is more cost effective to house the ratchet mechanism in the handle than to make it that tiny to be in a shaft.

  2. TMIB_Seattle says:

    Thanks for the comments. I have been out for a week (took the boys to Scout Camp) and am just now catching up on posts.

    Casey: I agree– I’m sure it’s much more cost effective to make the ratchet in the handle, which is why we see so many cheap ratcheting screwdrivers available. What I’m looking for would likely cost a little more but would add a lot of convenience to things like my leatherman tool.

    Highvolts: Those might be what I’m looking for. Hard to tell exactly from the pictures. I think the second one (RBS314) is just a tool to make hand-turning the ratchet easier and does not itself contain a racheting mechanism. I may be wrong though. The first one looks promising. I will have to do some research. Thanks!


  3. kyle says:

    they used to make some thing like this for torque wrenhes and breaker bars but i dont know much about it becase my grandpa told me that he used to have one before a lot of his tools were stolen

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