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You probably already know about the benefits of Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt (GFCI) plugs, and you likely have them installed in most of the locations where you use your powertools — your workshop, garage, and outdoor receptacles.  But what if you’re stuck with a non-GFCI on the jobsite? That’s when you need a portable GFCI cable, like this one from Coleman Cable.

There’s really nothing simpler: Plug the portable GFCI into a regular plug, then plug your tool or extension cord into that.  Just that easily you get the substantially increased safety of GFCI protection wherever you’re working.  And with a street price of $26 and change, there’s no real excuse for not keeping one handy.

In-Line GFCI #02841 [Coleman Cable]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


One Response to Be Safe: Bring Your Own GFCI

  1. douglas2 says:

    I’m replying to an ancient post, I must be procrastinating! Many portable GFCI’s will also work as a no-volt release switch. I kind of like that feature, so that if the power is interrupted for ANY reason I don’t get the tool starting up again when it comes back a moment later. Gives time to switch OFF the tool, see what is wrong, and fix the problem.

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