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Continuing the parade of new benchtops from Hitachi is this 16″ scroll saw complete with a 1/4 hp motor driving the blade at a speed of between 1,400 and 1,600 strokes per minute and a 45-degree bevel table.  It’s also got a die-cast aluminum frame and our favorite feature: a knob that allows micro-adjustment of the table angle.

And guess what?  The steel tool stand in the picture is included as well.  Throw in its built-in dust blower and LED worklight and you’ve got a hell of a deal at an MSRP of $170.

16″ Variable-Speed Scroll Saw, Model CW40 [Hitachi]


13 Responses to Hitachi’s New 16″ Variable-Speed Scroll Saw

  1. l_bilyk says:

    Looks like a good deal for a nice fret saw

  2. Robert says:

    Dust blower is important. I had a Delta that didn’t have one. I would get hyperventilated trying to keep the saw dust off the piece so I could see my pencil line.

  3. Chris Byrne says:

    … and like the previous hitachi benchtop (sander), the exact same piece is sold under the craftsman label for less money.

  4. Chris Byrne says:

    Oh I should note, the craftsman one doesn’t include the stand, they sell it separately for I think $30

  5. Marvin says:

    Craftsman may look the same but made with cheaper parts.I bought a Craftsmen drill and was told that it was made the same as a Dewalt version,it looked the same (only was not yellow), lasted one day. I exchanged it for another,thinking it could have been a lemon, lasted 1/2 day

  6. Joe says:

    I bought one last month. I am happy with it. I thought the bench it came with would be some cheap junk that would fall apart but I was wrong, it’s actually very industrial and sturdy.

  7. Ray says:

    Just purchased the Hitachi Scroll Saw and assembled yesterday.
    Wondering if a dust collection system has been designed and available to fit the discharge port on the saw?

    God Bless.


  8. JOhn Voorhees says:

    This is my first Hatachi scroll saw as in the past I had deltas. The cw40 seems like a well built machine except for the blade changing for inside cuts. I would like to see something different as that it’s a real pain changing the blade for inside cuts. The delta had the quick set 2 which I found really great, easy to use and really enhansed the machine.

  9. curtis says:

    Nice saw except for on thing. I have found it nearly impossible to use a spiral blade with this saw. The blades either bend and break while attatching or they come loose within seconds. Pretty awful and severfely limits the uses of this saw. I have contacted Hitachi but they have not replied.

  10. Dave Wood says:

    I too purchased a Hatachi CW40 thinking it was a great saw. i bought it for doing FRETT WORK (inside scrolling with a spiral blade )..EVERY time you TRY to snug up a spiral blade the tightening screw twists and BREAKS the blade…..(both top and bottom )….have no idea what the designer was thinking….(pin blades work ok )……the screw on this design needs a spacer installed that fits between the blade and the holder to stop blade from rotating when the blade screw is tightened. a simple redesign . went thru 12 blades and was NOT sucsessful. am returning this unit to LOWES ….will invest in another brand. RYOBI blade holders work great and THAT brand will be my next purchase.

  11. curtis says:

    As a follow up comment to my post in August. Hitachi has still not fixed the problem with this saw not accepting a standard spiral blade. I have talked to other scrollers who suggest taking a hammer to the blade and flattening the ends so it can be used on this saw. I think that better design in the first place makes more sense than a hammer. Further, Hitachi has not been helpful when calling them regarding this problem. They have NO ANSWERS and NO SUGGESTIONS and there NO PLANS FOR A RETROFIT OR FIX at the time. The rep I was in contact with had likely never operated a scroll saw. Hitachi customer service proved to be pretty pathetic.

  12. rhonda says:

    I was given a hitachi scroll saw for Christmas. It vibrated so bad it could be used as a magic fingers bed shaker. I never could get a plain end blade tensioned right. I guess the best thing I could say about it is is that its going back.

  13. Dash says:

    Controls are well laid out. On-off button is particularly convenient. On the down side, the saw vibrates a lot and the round table insert fit is terrible. If you’re cutting anything small, there’s a step down when the table insert is supporting the work piece.

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