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This weekend I met “Chainsaw,” an artist from the Austin area who carves wood with… well, you get the idea.  He’s a super nice guy, and he turned me on to the chainsaw artist’s secret weapon: a chainsaw blade designed to mount in your 4-1/2″ angle grinder.  He says it works great for creating curved surfaces. 

King Arthur Tools, the manufacturer, lists it as “excellent for rapid wood removal, cutting, and general shaping.”  The blade is actually a separate component, trapped between two shaped-steel plates for mounting to the grinder.  That means the blade is replaceable, and ‘Arthur sells replacements for $23 — about half the tool’s $45 price.

If you check out the website (link below), be sure to look at the rest of their selection.  They have larger chainsaw cutters as well as a selection of numerous abrasives we haven’t seen elsewhere.

And while we haven’t tried one of these personally, we’ll take Chainsaw’s word that they work wonders.  C’mon — his friends call him “Chainsaw!”  How cool is that?  Answer: cool enough that we’re gonna order one and give it a shot.

Squire 12-Tooth Disc [King Arthur’s Tools]


21 Responses to “Chainsaw” Carve With Your Angle Grinder

  1. l_bilyk says:

    looks really cool too!

  2. Rick says:


    I call foul for not giving us any pictures of “Chainsaw’s” work.
    We can over turn that on appeal if there’s a story on him in the works for the blog.

  3. Kyle says:

    Not to knock “Chainsaw”, but at what point do you stop being a chainsaw artist? For me the wow factor of chainsaw art is the fact that its all done with such an awkward tool. Is it common to use smaller tools like this?

  4. Randy says:

    A chainsaw disk blade on an angle grinder is not an awkward tool for carving a tree trunk? I gotta give it up to anyone that can use this or a chainsaw in an artistic fashion. I can barely get my hedges looking good when I trim them.

  5. nx99 says:

    Squire…meh. I’m saving up for the Fender.

  6. Weldo says:

    Well, this looks perfectly safe to me.

  7. Stuey says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing this in horror movies!

  8. Jake says:

    I think Ed (the british guy) on Extreme Home Makeover nearly cut his hand in half using one of these. He removed the guard from the angle grinder. Found a link: http://edsanders.net/ownWords.html

  9. PutnamEco says:

    Arbortech makes a decent woodcarving blade for those that prefer carbide.
    They also make all kinds of other neat carving gear, ie. minicarver.

    carving wheel

    home page for other stuff.

    check out their as160 brick and mortar saw

  10. Subvert says:

    I have one of these, but haven’t used it a lot yet. I love my angle grinders, and these types of tools get my attention. You can even pair up a couple of these blades on the same grinder. I’ve seen pictures of the work done by people that use them regularly, and they get some pretty nice results. You’re not supposed to remove the guard, just rotate it a little to expose the blade where it needs to be exposed. I’d highly recommend only using an angle grinder that shuts itself off when you let it go. Just a toggle power switch is scary. King Arthur tools also sells some carbide sanding disks that are pretty neat too.


  11. mykel says:

    I been carving for 50 years and none of this stuff was around when I started.
    It is all labor intense, and awkward. That being said, What does a chainsaw do? ans. removes wood. What does a die grinder do? ans. removes wood. What does a chisel do? ans. removes wood. What does a rasp do? ans. removes wood. So you see where I’m going. The sculpture is in your head
    all you have to do is produce it. Please belive the older your joints get the easyer you try to produce.

  12. PattianneM says:

    OK, I use the ‘Saw Chain’ blade on my DeWalt 4″ (I also use the Arbotech minigrinder. Both of them are heavy and can be awkward trying to get “inside” wood art. There is one ‘in progress’ on my Flickr. Speaking as a former ‘commercial’ artist and now (again) art student I don’t think the type of tool used has anything at all to do with the quality of art, it can, however shorten the time required and there is no harm in being able to produce more in less time. For example, in ceramic art you don’t ask ‘was it a foot or elec powered wheel’

  13. shadetree#1 says:

    I have used this tool for years building log homes and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but you better hang on tight as it will get away from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Elisabeth says:

    I used both a chainsaw and a chainsaw blade in an angle grinder to sculpt a log for an art class in college. I used the angle grinder to carve a deep curve in my piece. Although I had great direction from my professor, (and there is some skill needed) I found it easy to use and extremely beneficial!

  15. Woodtalkerted says:


    Along with Sorby Texturing tools, a chainsaw disk can be used to create interesting slash patterns in wood while the piece is slowly turning on the lathe. I did not make the bowl shown in the above link but I think the artist did a great job.

  16. Matt Owen says:

    This chain saw blade attachment is extremely dangerous. I learned the hard way when I let go with one hand for a split second and it kicked back. Be very, very careful with it.

  17. Rebecca strickland says:

    I use one of these with a variable to control the speed. I love it. Although both hands required it will run with you. But big chainsaws will kick. All tools are dangerous. So handle with care.

  18. Chainsaw Sue says:

    I’m a professional Chainsaw Artist. If you are skilled in the art of chainsaw carving you don’t need to use such a dangerous tool. I have many friends who have lost digits and completely ruined their careers due to this tool. How many fingers did this guy have left anyway?

  19. Martin says:

    dont use one alone my mate was using one when it hit the carving at the wrong angle it shot off is carving and cut right into his hand by the time I wrap is hand up and got him into my van he passed out if he was carving alone he would have bleed to death. he still owes me a shirt.

  20. Dennis W Burch says:

    What is the price of the chainsaw blade for grinderl

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