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Above, you’ll find an artfully-posed photo Festool’s entry into the miter saw world: a $1,758 monster loaded with all sorts of kick-ass features you wish you had.  We’ll write more about this when we have time to digest the spec sheet that’s as long as my, um, arm.  But in the meantime, drool away.


10 Responses to Tool Pr0n: Festool’s First Sliding Miter Saw

  1. nrChris says:

    Drool. Not for me, but I can dream. I mean, with that $1800 bucks I would be into a sweet planer, a sweet jointer, and maybe a thickness sander. Good ones too. But for the lucky ones that can justify that kind of scrape on a single tool, well I’m sure it’ll be very very nice.

  2. l_bilyk says:

    More info can be found here:


    I, for one, don’t see ANY new features that are not already available on other SCMCs. OK the bevel scale is big and probably very accurate. Still, you can buy a Hitachi C12LSH for about $1100 less! I think that if you buy this, you should probably be committed. Either that, or you’re rich enough to wipe your butt with dollar bills.

  3. Dan Lyke says:

    I can tell ya the one feature we buy Festool for that this’ll excel in: dust collection. That’s where the extra thousand bucks gets justified.

  4. Eli says:

    yup, dust collection. I got a deposit on a kapex pre-order for that reason alone. You can make up that 1000 bucks by not causing a huge mess in somebody’s house. How many trips outside do you have to make to put up crown molding in just one room (upstairs)? How many hours do you spend sweeping up when all you want is a cold beer? None and none is the answer to both questions. I’m sick of work being so damn hard. Their tools cut the bumps right out of the workday.

  5. l_bilyk says:

    Do you think this will have perfect dust collection? I doubt it… no SCMC has perfect dust collection.. it’s just the nature on the tool

  6. Richard says:

    That price quoted is the price here in Australia. It would be substantially less in the US. I currently have one in my possession, and it is a step forward from the rest. Dust collection is better than 90%

  7. Kelley Nelson says:

    Festool puts out some awesome tools – As a DIYer I won’t be buying one, but if I were using an SCMS every day, I’d be looking hard at the Kapex.

    Check out some of the specs and videos posted around the web, there are a lot of features that other saws don’t have.

    Couple videos here

  8. Roscoe says:

    It looks nice, but I’m not seeing anything that the Bosch doesn’t already do. Even in a cabinet shop, I can’t see justifying the expense.

  9. corson says:

    I am buying this tool as soon as it is released in the USA. The price will be 1300.00 USD. The dust collection is excellent probably 90 % or so. It is compact, the entire “head” of the saw slides or the rails as opposed to other saws where the rails slide.You can mount this saw back against a wall and it slides toward you,more like a RA saw. A great space saver.Whomever said there are no features that the Bosch doesnt have,doesn’t have a clue or has not seen this saw.It is NOTHING like the Bosch(which is quite innaccurate out of the box BTW) . The laser is dead nuts! The “thoughtless” angle finding feature is awsome for old homes or remodels where the is never a 90,always 88,92,84 etc,etc,. The kapex adresses this easily and quickly. This is what a mitre saw should be. Although the ONLY downside is the price, Once again Festool (who should be known by now in the US for being expensive) has created a vastly superior tool to anything that is currently on the market. KUDOS to Festool for making some of the best hand tools on the planet. You get what you pay for. True contemporary, progressive, German engineering.

  10. Don Filkins says:

    Nice looking saw. I have not been impressed with the new sliding compound miter saws I have been looking at. I have a Hitachi C10FSH which seems good but the new Hitachis seem like a POS-certainly look like one.

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