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Some MIT students converted a formerly-old-and-uninteresting Porsche 914 into a full electric, garnering them some press from everything-blog BoingBoing and eco-friendly Treehugger — and the envy of Prius owners everywhere.  It turns out that the simple Volkswagen-like transaxle makes for a conversion so easy that numerous kits are available.

The most interesting note in this symphony of green is the fact that they used “lithium phosphate rechargable batteries.”  From what we hear, this is the technology that — once it gets cheap enough for Joe Everyman to afford — will let the big three deliver practical plug-in hybrids.

In the meantime, they claim the electrified German will top out at around 100 mph and travel 100 miles on a charge.  We’ll see.

(Thanks for the tip, nrChris!)

MIT Students Convert Porsche 914 To Electric [Treehugger]


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  1. I’ve been drooling over this kit for some time:

    Lithium batteries in DIY EV conversions are nothing new: http://www.metricmind.com/ac_honda/battery.htm

    Good stuff, MIT kids! 🙂

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