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Cepco Insulation Knife

It may look like a pirate’s sidearm, but Cepco’s Insul-Knife actually does a pretty good job of slicing through fiberglass insulation and foam board without shredding it.  Normally you wouldn’t want to shell out for one of these unless you’re in the trade, but Amazon has ’em for $25.01 right now.  (The extra penny qualifies it for free shipping.)   I just ordered one for my basement insulation project.

The IK-10 Insul-Knife [Cepco]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Dealmonger: Cepco’s Insulation Knife For $25

  1. RTF says:

    Too bad you already ordered because you could have gotten a better knife at a lower cost with C.H. Hanson’s Insulation Knife.

    The wheel allows for linear and circular cuts and the stuffing fin is perfect for those hard to reach areas like around windows or doors.

    Check out what JLC had to say about it:

  2. RTF says:

    Tried to link to article, but here is text:

    I’ve used Hanson’s 03020 Insulation Knife and found that it makes cutting fiberglass insulation about as painless as possible. An extendable snap-off blade penetrates even the thickest batts, and a toothed wheel on the bottom of the housing compresses the fibers for easier cutting. Opposite the cutting end is a small steel fin for stuffing scraps around doors, windows, and other tight spaces. And, unlike another popular sword-shaped insulation knife, you can keep this one in your toolbelt. It sells for about $13. CH Hanson, 800/827-3398

    Here is the link:

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