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This new tool from Husky includes a keyhole saw, a utility knife, a drywall rasp, a tube/seal punch, and a small prybar — all in a single, easy-to-handle tool designed to lighten your load on drywall jobs.

Uses for the keyhole saw, utility knife, and drywall rasp are obvious to anyone who’s attempted any drywall work — even a small repair.  Husky says the tube/seal punch is great for opening and clearing clogs in caulk and adhesive tubes, and the curved, v-notched prybar will help remove drywall screws that don’t find purchase in a stud.

The 5-in-1 will be available soon only at Home Depot, where it’ll clock in at just under $15.


5 Responses to Preview: Husky’s New 5-In-1 Drywall Tool

  1. Randy says:

    I have to admit that this looks like a pretty good tool if the quality is there. I wonder if the blades lock open. Doesn’t look like it from the picture, but I’ll check it out in the store.

  2. Clinton says:

    I’m totally buying one. I hope it has a decent belt pouch. I don’t like carrying tools in my pockets if I can avoid it. From looking at the picture the only detail that it really seems to be lacking is a stabbing point on the drywall rasp- would make it hard to start a hole in the middle of a wall, a crucial feature for myself. Won’t be replacing my keyhole saw completely but if it’s not huge it might take the place of my folding razor blade on my belt.

  3. Okay, I’ve only done a bit of drywall work. I understand the rasp is for smoothing edges before taping, but what’s the little curved double-point end for?

  4. DayUSeX says:

    Wow I have to say this looks pretty worthless from first glance, but i will buy one to try it out

    First off as far as the blade goes, it looks like it wont be in a good position to actually cut drywall with. Seriously what do they want us to do with that, snap a line and then cut the chalk line?!

    The keyhole saw looks ok. I guess its hard to screw that up

    The rasp (which i assume is on the other end of the little hooky thing), if that is what it is is also worthless. It might be good for rasping out inside a circle cutout that does not fit, but rasping down a sheet that had to be cut in half to hanged, let alone doing 45’s for those o so fun walls does not look to be fun with this tool.

    Also the pry bar?! Why is that in there. It just takes up space. Seriously who uses a pry bar. I mean if its supposed to be like a kicker, cool I guess, but to small and I think I would break the tool while stepping on it, lifting 12’s off the ground.

    And you might say to pry the rock to one side or another (horizontal), But everyone knows that is what your keyhole saw is for. Stick it in the hole and use it as a handle on the Sheetrock. After all the tapers have to get paid for something right (just kidding guys).

  5. Clinton says:

    Ok I saw this at The Home Depot today, I needed to replace my misplaced keyhole saw, and I passed. It’s an interesting tool in concept but has several flaws that prevented my purchase.
    1) It’s HUGE
    2) Keyhole saw does not have a pointed end for plunge cuts
    3) It’s HUGE
    At about 1.5″ wide by 4-5″ long it might be good for someone who does a lot of drywall work but for those of us that look at drywall as simply the stuff that covers the walls and conveniently hides wires from view I’ll stick with a seperate keyhole saw and folding razor blade.

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