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Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation recently announced a safety recall of all 14.4V 2.4 Ah and 18V 2.4 Ah NiCd Battery Packs manufactured between 1999 and February 2004.  These batteries were originally sold under the Milwaukee Power Plus, Chicago Pneumatic, and Extractor brand names.  According to the recall document, the battery packs could explode if an over-pressure vent inside the battery pack becomes damaged during use.

Included in the recall are:

  • 14.4 Volt 2.4 Ah Packs, Cat #48-11-1024 and date codes 3799 through 0504, and
  • 18 Volt 2.4 Ah Packs with “Power Plus” labeling, Cat. #48-11-2230 and date codes 2699 through 0504

For a free replacement, call Milwaukee Electric Tool toll free at 1-800-729-3878 (1-800-SAWDUST) between 7:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. central time, Monday-Friday or visit the links below:

Milwaukee Tools [Homepage]
Recall Notice [U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission]


11 Responses to Milwaukee Power Tool Battery Packs Recalled

  1. Rick says:

    Interesting what comes to light during recalls. Like the fact that the Chicago Pneumatic (shouldn’t that be Chicago Electric?) stuff uses Milwaukee batteries..

  2. l_bilyk says:

    No, chicago pneumatic and chicago electric are not the same thing
    Chicago pneumatic actually makes good air tools, and a few cordless impact wrenches which were obviously rebadged milwaukee

  3. Rick says:

    My point is, wouldn’t Chicago Pneumatic – by definition – be air tools? (ie.. why would they need a battery?)

  4. l_bilyk says:

    I dont know
    IR makes battery operated tools

  5. Standard Pneumatic made my favorite electric wire-wrap gun. Go figure. 🙂

  6. brad says:

    Really fed up with Milwaukee stuff. On my 2nd set and not buying anymore of their junk batteries. Can buy a new drill and batteries for what they charge for just the batteries. Now the crap is made in china…no more!

  7. mike says:

    They have been made in china ever since TTI(most people know the famous brand—-RYOBI) bought them. And this is not there first recall. Just go to their website, they seem to have a recall every couple years.

  8. BUD says:

    I have two 18 volt 2.4 ah batteries. I understand that there is a recall on these batteries. I called Milwaukee on 800-number, the person I spoke with asked for a serial number which is supposed to be on the plate on the bottom of the battery. There is no serial number. There is a catalog number which is 48-11-2230. They told me unless I have the serial number I do not qualify for the recall. These are Milwaukee batteries. There is no serial number. Can someone help me with this. Thank you I don’t also a

  9. Gus says:

    It is there but VERY HARD TO SEE WITHOUT A MAGNIFYING GLASS. If you are looking at the bottom of the battery it is located about 1/2 ” from the right of the label. If you spin the battery 1/4 turn clockwise you will see it and read it. It has the manufacturer County and the date made code. I had the same problem finding it. Go to their website Milwaukeetool and search recalls. They have pictures showing where the date is

  10. Tony Acosta says:

    I went to replace my batteries at Home depot in Everrett wash. I ran into a rep for your tools.he let me know about the recall on my batteries I need them replaced asap. As I am a contractor and depend on my tools for my income. I have four total the serial numbers are 0903s 3602s 0803s 0303s all batteries have failed and need replaced thank you and look forward to a quick response

  11. david huaman says:

    looking for replacement for milwaukee battery #48-11-2230

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