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Rump Guard

Despite owning tool belts and tool aprons, for some reason my tools always seem to end up in my back pocket, inevitably poking holes through my jeans and into my bum.  Duluth’s Rump Guard looks like a possible solution.  Think of it as a bullet-proof pocket protector for your ass: it’s made from denim and Kevlar — a 73% cotton / 21% polyester / 6% Kevlar blend.

Its snap loop connects to your belt, allowing you to position its handy pocket protector for maximum comfort.  It also more than doubles the capacity of your jeans pocket, adding numerous additional compartments for tools and gear, plus a dangling hook to carry tape.

Plus, its street pricing of $13 is a lot cheaper than torn-up jeans — or worse yet, torn up you.

Kevlar Denim Rump Guard [Duluth Trading]

PS: Does anyone else feel like Duluth Trading is like the J. Peterman Company of tools, complete with their witty descriptions and hand-drawn illustration?


4 Responses to Duluth Trading Kevlar Denim Rump Guard

  1. Stuey says:

    Looks good, but I’m not sure I’d be thrilled with the look of denim. I’m also not too thrilled with the $6.95 shipping on items under $20. If I were ordering say, a dental pick kit and a few other items, I wouldn’t mind the $2 or so that this might add to an existing shipping amount.

    An alternative is the Bucket Boss flavor of this from amazon for $10. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00004TBFG/

  2. Stuey says:

    They also have the Bucket Boss one at Coastal Tools for $6.95, but their shipping is more than the price of the pouch. Still, it’s not a bad addon if you’re ordering from there anyways.


    I don’t have one, but I think I’ll order one from Duluth or amazon. I don’t really have the need for a full sized toolbelt or apron, but I found myself wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and jamming a bunch of tools in the large pocket. Now that it’s summertime, sweatshirts are out of the question and I’m not too keen about tearing through the pockets of my cargo shorts (again).

  3. Saluki1 says:

    I used to have a similar pouch (mabe by Niteize, I believe) when I worked in QC for a local watercraft manufacturer. I was always climbing in and out of boats and got tired of trying to move my toolchest over hoses and cords from boat to boat – I’d put my most common tools in and jump right in. I also wore it pretty much in the same place, as I would need to bend over to get up the ladder and then I’d roll on my left side on the engine cover to get in the craft. They were made out of ballistic nylon and I wore two of the things out before I decided to come back to school and get an office job.

    This pouch looks more versatile and perfect for those Saturday afternoon jobs. Might also be good at conferences and stuff to put all the freebies into while keeping my hands free for my camera…

  4. Clinton says:

    I have a bucket boss one that is identical except for the color. I love mine. I’m a security alarm installer and a full electrician’s belt is way over kill. Mine is just the right size to hold a 6-in-1 screwdriver, wire strippers, 6″ side-cutters for small stuff, and in the back pocket my large compound side-cutters for big wires and a bundle of cable ties. In the front pockets I carry several “tweakers” (small screwdrivers) and sharpies with a roll of electrical tape or two dangling from a oversized carabiner. Everything I need to carry with me most of the time. The small profile and location keeps it out of the way. Suprisingly it’s not even uncomfortable to sit on. With the pocket locations on most work pants it tends to kick to the side and really is only terribly noticeable if I’ve stuffed a pair of linesman’s pliers or my bnc crimps in the pocket between the pouch and my pants.

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