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What do you get when you cross a carabiner with a 1/2″ adjustable wrench, a 2″ carbon-stainless-steel blade, a high-intensity LED light, and a screwdriver?  Answer: the Guppie multi-tool.  Oh yeah, it’s a church key, too.

Call it snobbery, but the multi tool standard for me has always been either the Swiss Army knife or the Leatherman.  They’re compact, and they stand up to abuse.  The Guppie may broaden my multi tool horizons a bit.  It’s obviously aimed at climbers, but the carabiner shape would clip easily to a belt loop or a tool bag.  I don’t own one yet, but the more I read about it the more I want one.

In fact, the only thing stopping me from ordering one is some doubt about durability.  Of course, at a street price of around $15, it’s probably worth a try.  Do any of you own one?

The Guppie Multi-Tool [CRKT]
Street Pricing
[Google Products]


8 Responses to The Guppie Multi-Tool: Not Just For Climbers

  1. Roscoe says:

    The crescent wrench looks more interesting than the carabiner-like styling to me. That would be pretty handy.

  2. Stuey says:

    Hmm, the website says that it comes with magnetic bit carrier.

    I wonder… does it come with specially sized bits or does it accept standard ones?

  3. benjamen says:

    While searching for a vendor who wasn’t sold out I found this:

    Kershaw National Geographic Carabiner Tool

    It is a tool along the same lines as the Guppie, only a better knife

  4. Steven says:

    Seems to me that the pivoting part of the carabiner would get in the way of getting a good grip on the wrench…

  5. Fstedie says:

    If Swiss Army or Leatherman made one of their tools with a carabiner then you’d have a tool that is much, much better than this one. Take the carabiner part away from this tool and it is not much of a multi tool…

  6. perruptor says:

    “aimed at climbers”? That’s not a carabiner, like you’d use when climbing; it’s “carabiner-styled.” If it were something you could use as climbing gear, it would have its strength in the specs. It doesn’t. None of its other features are things someone would be likely to reach for when climbing, either.

  7. tom says:

    Order one and try to break it. The thing is built like a brick outhouse.
    The blade is sharp, the wrench is strong and opens to 1/2 inch. To
    those who say you can’t grip it very well…. try to turn a nut with a
    Leatherman (I’ll be happy to supply you with bandaids after you bust your knuckles bloody). The bit driver is strong enough to bend bits if you want to. The tool comes with 4 bits, a bright white LED, and has a bottle opener
    when the gate is open. It also has a cool pocket clip on the side like a tactical knife. This stainless steel tool is a great bargain at $30. Pick one up in person and I bet you will like it.

  8. John says:

    I agree with Tom, brilliant piece of kit. Solidly built and completely functional.

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