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Sears fired up the ‘ole email server this morning to let all of us Craftsman Club members know about their “new” 7-1/4″ 15 amp circular saw.  I put the finger-made quotes around the word “new” because I can’t see how it’s much different than the other saws they offer — or those of their numerous competitors.  Of course, it does have a “dual bulb LED worklight.”

Fun aside, here’s the lowdown: it features a “100% permanently lubricated ball bearing motor” that spins at a no-load 5,200 rpm, a user-switchable single laser pointing down the cut path, and a magnesium blade guard.  It’ll cut up to 2-3/8″ deep at the 90-degree shoe setting and a bevel of 1-13/16″ at 45-degrees.  The shoe adjusts all the way to 56-degrees with a positive stop at 45.

And it’s $100.  A good deal?  You decide.

Craftsman Pro 7-1/4″ 15A Circular Saw w/Laser Trac [Sears]


3 Responses to Craftsman’s “New” Laser-Guided Circ Saw

  1. John Laur says:

    These lasers bug me… Why do you need a laser when you have a guide RIGHT THERE? I bet we see a drill with a freaking laser guided bit next so you can see where you are about to drill.

  2. kythri says:


  3. Stuey says:

    What’s the difference between this one and the non-pro verison?


    Just 1 amp, 2 feet of extra cord, and some material/cosmetic differences?

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