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If you haven’t checked out the comment thread on yesterday’s reader question post about latex gloves, you should.  There’s some great info there that’s made me re-think how I use gloves in the shop.

Specifically, while there’s been no sure-fire confirmation of the concept of petrolium causing latex allergies, it does seem obvious from comments that latex gloves are much more permeable than they might seem.  I use them to avoid grinding grit into my fingernails and skin, and they work fine for that.  But some readers have posted sources for nitrile gloves at about the same price, so I think I’ll switch.

Also, readers KMR and Stuey recommend this interesting site which sells a ton of different glove types and hosts a chart showing which type of gloves are resistant to which chemicals.  Good stuff!


7 Responses to You Said It: Make An Informed Glove Selection

  1. false_cause says:

    The glove link isn’t properly sending me to the site you intend, I believe.

  2. Eric G. says:

    I’ve been partial to the NeoPro line of gloves from microflex: http://www.microflex.com/products/catalog/np.asp

    these were the standard gloves that we used when I worked in a lab during college. I still use them today when I need a glove. they’re made of chloroprene (aka neoprene) they have good resistance to chemicals (except obvious ones like benzene, THF and halogenated solvents). they’re comfortable and have a pretty good resistance to mechanical wear.

  3. Stuey says:

    I’ve used Microflex gloves as well, but not the NeoPro line.

    Hmm. Now might be as good a time as ever to give them a try!


  4. Eric M. says:

    As a firefighter/emt/shade tree mechanic i can say i go through gloves more than most people. I have two favorites Purple (or black) Nitrile by Safeskin and N-Dex by Best. I’ve found both of these have a more textured feel and are far more puncture and tear resistant. It really boils down to how much you want to spend on gloves and what you’re using them for. With gloves you’re usually getting what you pay for.


  5. benjamen says:

    Harbor Freight has a coupon for 100 (individual/pair???) of nitrile gloves for $5.99


  6. Dom says:

    as a butt pitate teck, i treally lasts longer then those cheap gloves. When i usually do exams, sometimes when i remove my finger from the “no zone”area i’ve had the glove rip, whick involves getting contaminated. After these new gloves, ive had some good days

  7. US says:

    I have to use gloves all day in my field. I went through many different manufacturers of gloves and purchased from many different vendors.. They were all poor quality or were just too expensive. I now buy my gloves at Unisafe Inc.


    They sell some TopGrip nitrile gloves that are the best I have ever used at a reasonable price.

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